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Cronbach's Alpha calculation (Canvas New Quizzes Report)

Hi everyone,

My higher ed faculty are using Canvas New Quizzes for major assessments. One department wants/needs to use Cronbach's Alpha value on the "Quiz and Item Analysis" report to check the assessments for reliability. They want to have it in their handbook that "the reliability coefficient (R) should be 0.80 or above."

We're routinely getting a Cronbach's Alpha value of <0.5 no matter what changes we make. Most of the Canvas Quiz is multiple choice but then there is a good chunk of other question types such as multiple answer, sort, order, fill in the blank, essay, etc. 

In Canvas Quizzes, are the other answer choice types causing issues with Cronbach's Alpha value? With Canvas New Quizzes, are all question types calculated in Cronbach's Alpha value or is it just those questions that are binary in nature (either right or wrong) so therefore maybe not the essays?  What can we do or look into?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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