New Quiz: Import Question bank from Moodle or access imported Question Bank into New Quiz

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We have recently changed from Moodle to Canvas and I am trying to import question banks from Moodle Quizzes into Canvas New Quiz. Our Canvas setup only has New Quizzes, no option for classic Quizzes.

We must have a version of Moodle newer than 2.x, as I don't have the option to export quizzes to QTI package. So the only way I've found to import from Moodle is to backup my whole Moodle course, then selectively import the Moodle backup file choosing the Moodle 1.9/2.x option (even though I don't think we have one of those versions). But when I selectively import the question banks, they go into the Canvas Question Bank not an Item bank, and I can't access them in a new Quiz.

The only documentation I've found about utilizing Question Banks in New Quizzes, is that I have to put the Questions in a classic Quiz and then there is supposed to be a way to convert classic Quiz to a New Quiz. However, I don't have Classic Quiz option so I can't do that.

So what can I do, to either import Moodle quiz question banks into Item Banks, or to make Question Bank available to New Quiz (other than manually copy and pasting every question)?

Can't believe this is so hard... 😞