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New Quizzes (Speed grader)

In the old classic quiz version, once in the quiz interface the speedgrader link was always on the right hand side allowing quick access.


In the NEW Quiz version to access speedgrader, you need to go to "marks", scroll across through to find quiz, click on quiz heading to generate the speed grader option.


Can this speedgrader link be added to the bar at the top of the quiz next to Build, Moderate, Settings?

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Here is a shortcut video made by Ms. Myers until the functionality is added:


I cannot get this method to work anymore.

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That would actually be an excellent location for it!

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The only way I know to get to the Speedgrader for New Quizzes is via the grades.  i.e. the column header and then Speedgrader.  Would love quicker access as well.

Is this what you are explaining as well?  I wasn't sure what you meant by "marks" and if I was missing another method.  



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Testing how to get to speedgrader, I found 3 ways to get to it. 

1) from the gradebook, you can click on the 3 dot More menu and it's available there.

2) from the gradebook, click on the name of the quiz.  It opens in the more traditional view of a quiz.  The Speedgrader button will be on the right, and Edit Assignment Settings.

3) when viewing a student's submission from the gradebook, or by clicking on the grade in the Context card, you can click on the quiz name in breadcrumbs at the top and you get the same view as from method 2).

The view with speedgrader button should be the only view, that's my opinion.  It's awkward to have to go through Edit Settings to get to build (and moderate), as is necessary when getting to the quiz from modules, quizzes and assignments,



Absolutely agree! We have teachers who teach only, and shouldn't be editing, who are now having to access Speedgrader through the edit function. That opens us up to anyone fiddling with out quizzes. A quick link somewhere or being able to access Speedgrader not through 'Build' would be a huge improvement!

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I just tried with a test submission, and the submission triggered a "Grade XXX Quiz" hot link on the To Do list on the homepage. Clicking on the hot link opened the SpeedGrader. I only had one test submission, so I am only guessing that it takes you to the first ungraded submission that needs to be graded - can any confirm this is how it works?

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