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I would like a quiz I built to be worth 100 points, so when creating it I put 100 in the points amount.  Do I then need to change the points value of each individual question (which default to 1 point each) so the total is 100, or is that done automatically as a percentage of the total number of points a student got?  In other words if I make the total quiz worth 100 points but it has 20 one-point questions on it and a student answers 10 of them correctly will the student's grade be 10 or 50?

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Community Coach

Hi @MisterTay,

It sounds like you're using New Quizzes, in which case Canvas will "scale" the question total up to the quiz total for you automatically.  If you were using Classic Quizzes, the quiz score is directly derived from the question scores, with no option for scaling the score up to a different amount of points.

Hope this info helps!


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