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Can anyone recommend a quizzing tool or a work around for the new quizzes native tool that can do the following:

1. Collects student data (e.g. when they took the quiz and their score)

2. Either embeds in the page, or can live on the next page after content, without knocking users out of the flow of the module (if you don't know what I mean, see this and please vote: )

3. Can be tagged with Canvas Outcomes

We have looked at Cidi Labs and H5P (expensive for us at scale),  as well as Canvas old quizzes and Canvas new quizzes.

There is a huge tradeoff between designing for a good user experience (Cidi Labs looks nice, embedded in page, instant feedback for learners) and collecting data that instructors and designers can use for performance and continuous improvement (it seems like new quizzes is on the leading edge of this, enabling granular tagging out outcomes).

Our institution is striving to be data driven, but get a lot of pushback from designers (rightly so) about the huge issue with new quizzes, because placing quizzes between content pages returns users to the Modules page, rather than to the next page in the module.

I would love to hear if anyone knows of alternatives, or would appreciate any votes on the idea above to make sure that this button gets fixed before old quizzes are completely deprecated (because at this point, the best option for us as a compromise is unfortunately old quizzes, which is going to stop working soon - so it seems a little crazy to recommend this as the solution).

Thank you for any insight!