Using a Studio Video in a Stimulus in New Quizzes

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Hi, I have a professor trying to use a Video Quiz. The Studio Video Quizzes aren't adequate because students can retake them multiple times, skip over the video, and sequentially guess until they get it right.

So, I had her put the question as a Stimulus in a regular New Quiz, and set Display media tabs ON. Now, when I go to see which students watched which parts of the video, by clicking the Insights tab below the video, I get 

"Some students have already submitted answers for this stimulus! You can apply your edits to a copy of this stimulus which will only be seen by students that have not taken the assessment. Attached questions will be copied as well."

But, I'm not trying to make a copy, I just want my Insights tab. How can I see the Insights tab data in a video in a Stimulus in a quiz?