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Transparency into Quizzes Planning

Transparency into Quizzes Planning

Typically, Instructure refrains from communicating future plans beyond the current quarter. However, in our conversations it became clear that you need clarity in what and when additional improvements are planned for New Quizzes.  The following format is a modified now/next/later product roadmap. I want to bring attention to items in the far left, starting with now. These have greater timing certainty than those to the right.

As the timeline reaches further out, there is greater potential for change. We will continue to adjust based on your feedback and insights. This page will be a living document and comments will be updated if adjustments are made. Subscribe if you are interested in following changes.


View the New Quizzes Roadmap on the New Quizzes Hub page


If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please add feedback to the Classic Quiz Sunset 2024 Feedback.

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Updated to reflect recent product deliverables and what the team is currently focused on solving - 4.2022

New Quizzes End of Quarter Update - Q1 2022 

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