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Assessed Outcomes not appearing in Learning Mastery Gradebook

I have imported my Standard Course of Study outcomes, tagged them on questions in Item Banks, used the item banks in quizzes, see the outcomes report on the quiz itself, but nothing shows in the learning mastery gradebook for me. I created rubrics for each quiz with the outcomes thinking that was the issue, but now the assignments that I did that for show up when I click on the individual student gradebook, but it lists those assingments under the correct outcomes with "Not Yet Assessed" beside it even though the due date has passed. I even tagged the outcome to a quiz that only had questions form a single outcome and nothing shows for it. 

To summarize, the only outcome data I see is when I click on the outcomes report in the Build section of a particular quiz. Nothing shows in the Learning Mastery gradebook. I am using New Quizzes for the first time this semester. In the past when I used old quizzes, the learning mastery gradebook worked just fine. 

I appreciate any help that can assist me in getting the most out of this feature!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @smoore5, I did some testing to validate your experience: The Outcomes assessment result only appear inside the New Quiz (Reports >> Outcomes Analysis) and do not appear in the Learning Mastery Gradebook, even though the Outcomes appear in both places. I moved your question to the New Quizzes user group so it is in the best place to be noticed.