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Known Issues: New Quizzes

Known Issues: New Quizzes

For known issues related to New Quizzes, please see the Canvas Quizzes label in the Known Issues board.

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Hi  @levi_magnus ‌,

Please file a support request for this issue so that it is properly tracked and resolved.

I am very disappointed that Quizzes Next has been officially released with so many known issues.  Several of the issues make the use of Quizzes Next so cumbersome that I cannot yet recommend that our teachers use it.

Thank you for mentioning this Kevin. I just submitted a ticket to support.  

It seems ridiculous to me that these issues were known, teachers have voiced concern, voted on fixes, and yet the BETA was released without addressing so many of our concerns. Why can't we get a timeline for these fixes? Why was the BETA released before it matched the functionality of the original programming? 

We were told that the release would have all the functionality of the original and that is simply not the case. Is it going to be another year before these issues are resolved?

I gave a quiz today using Quizzes Next, hoping to see the issues that we experienced last year resolved. Nothing has changed. Matching questions are still graded all or nothing, there is still no option to hide answers after students complete a test, the list goes on and on. I love the drag and drop categorizing feature that the original programming does not have, but again, the questions are graded all or nothing. I don't have the time to grade every test individually. If I did, I would be giving a paper test. I will not be using Quizzes Next until these issues have been addressed. Please resolve these issues and send out a formal list of what has been done.

This might be a dumb question, but if New Quizzes can't be shared to the Commons, why do we have the option to try to share it to the Commons? Can that option be removed for New Quizzes until it is resolved? Or the error message updated to say "New Quizzes are not supported in Commons"?

New quizzes does not allow assigning point value of essay questions from within a question bank.  When creating an essay question in a new quiz, one can assign point value of the question.  When creating an essay question within a question bank, or when editing an essay question that has been added to a question bank, there is no dialog for changing question point value.  Please fix this bug.

The point value of all questions in question banks is assigned at the time you insert it into a quiz.  This means you can use the question in more than one quiz, course, or semester and edit the points as needed for each separately.

Is there a timetable for fixing the outcomes issue?

BUG: New Quizzes doesn't give a warning message if backtracking is disabled and student submits blank answer

BACKGROUND: In Classic Quizzes, if backtracking is disabled, students will receive a warning if they try to submit a blank answer to a question.

PROBLEM: In New Quizzes, when backtracking is disabled, students do not receive any warning when they try to submit a blank answer. This has resulted in many of my students accidentally submitting blank answers and subsequently missing points. This has often occurred in situations when Lockdown Browser is lagging.

SOLUTION: Display a warning message if student tries to submit a blank answer on "New Quizzes" exams in which backtracking is disabled and then require that the student actively confirms they want to submit a blank answer.

My district is new to Canvas and it was recommended that we use the New Quiz function since the original will be going away. I have 2 big issues with this format (yes - I also used the original quiz).

1. The matching questions are all or none or partial credit that is random so I had to make multiple questions (so cumbersome)

2. If I had added the question to the question bank, I couldn't change the points after I added it (again cumbersome - I had to make a copy of the question to fix it)

3. To change the name, date, points, etc. you have to go to the quiz in the quizzes tab. Why is it so different from all other assignment types?

Is any of this going to get fixed?

New quiz also does not 'see' existing question banks under 'classic quiz'. Canvas does not have a method to transfer 'classic quiz' question banks over to 'new quiz' as question banks.

Next, can't export a question bank to a QTI file, we can only export 'quizzes', well I want the ability to build a 'new quiz' selecting questions from 7 different questions banks available to me under the 'class quiz' path.

What is the possible work around here?


Hi there, thought I'd check in on new quizzes essay submissions not showing up on a teachers to-do list after submission. Is this still an issue? I ask because it is not on this known issues page. More info here:

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Possible to get a status update?

When moderating in new quizzes, my students are in some random order. Is there a work around to put them in alphabetical order?

Also, if I've put the question in my test bank, I can't change the points on it even within the test bank. This makes it super cumbersome.

@kristendsa I agree the matching questions being an all or nothing only when it comes to points is very problematic. We have teachers refusing to convert to new quizzes because of it. I hope Canvas changes this soon. It would be nice if teachers could embed a google doc or put in a video when doing the Stimulus option. Only having the option to add an image is difficult for some to manage. 

The lack of question grouping is crippling my ability to conduct formative assessment within the Canvas New Quizzes framework.  Currently, my only options are:

1) Build individual banks for each section of each unit so that I can randomize my quick check assessments. Those numbers would be staggering and difficult to organize.

2) Create individual, finite "quizzes" for each section I teach, plus a make up quiz for each section.  (Roughly 8 finite "quizzes" for each class.)

3) Not conduct the formative assessments or move them back out of Canvas.


This is a design flaw that doesn't take into account the way teachers use formative assessment to build toward summative assesment.  It needs to be addressed.  I need to have the ability to create a random grouping of questions from "Section 1" of "Chapter 7" without having to have a separate bank called "Chapter 7, Section 1."


Please work on this issue.  

I believe there are a couple known issues that are missing.

- New Quizzes fails to sync some grades to the gradebook (mostly in large courses where there are multiple attempts allowed on a quiz)

- New Quizzes fails to properly calculate scores when the course has a late policy turned on and the quiz allows multiple attempts

@jw2546 those have both definitely been reported to instructure and do not require very large courses to discover these issues.  They make a separate one of these pages for each issue.

For the first issue you mention, it takes persistence to get to the "higher level of support" instead of a creative but inaccurate "expected behavior" response from tier 1, but if you get to the right person they can trigger the sync to update correctly.  I'm not sure what they do to accomplish that, but putting it in a "sync" button for instructors to use, would help considerably.  Edit: I've found the "known issues" page about this, however it says whatever issues existed were solved as of April 13, 2021.  I had a related issue with a failure to apply the missing policy on April 16th, but I have so far not had a failure to transmit a score since the 13th.  (Admittedly, there have been only a couple opportunities for that to repeat since then in my courses.)

For the second issue I have not seen any resolution.  Specifically, the problem is that the highest score is calculated within new quizzes, and the late policy is triggered in the gradebook.  It seems that when a repeat attempt is lower than the highest attempt, new quizzes resends the previously highest score, and the late policy gets applied to it based on the now late time even though that score was earned "on-time."  That could be fixed if new quizzes recognized that the prior score should not be transmitted as an updated score.  But it gets worse, because the late policy can change which score is the high score.  A late score might seem to new quizzes to be higher than the previous score, but then become lowered once the late penalty applies.  It will now be lower than the previously highest score, but new quizzes sends it anyway... This issue did have a "known issues" page but I checked it to discover this note: "This change has been shelved by our product team. Multiple attempts and late policies are not compatible in correcting this behavior." This is not a change, however.  It is a known issue that requires a correction.

Is this document continually being updated at all? @Renee_Carney @Stefanie 

I'm not sure if this belongs here. It has to do with Student Instructions for Quizzes. 

In the student instructions for Quizzes, students must (1) look at the quiz format to determine if it is a classic or new quiz; (2) wade through the below list of instructions to pick out the ones that fit for the specific type they are taking. 

Can the quizzes be labeled in Canvas so that students don't have to evaluate which ones they taking? That way, they will know immediately which type they're taking.  And, it could be helpful to separate the below instructions for classic vs new -- even if there is some info duplication.