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New Quizzes Timeline Overview

New Quizzes Timeline Overview

For the most recent updates for the New Quizzes timeline, please see  Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!).

All dates are anticipated and are subject to change. Details about these changes are included in Upcoming Canvas Changes.

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Please fix the partial credit issues people have been begging for since the new quiz release before this forced change. The system should be able to award partial credit for categorization questions, matching questions and ordering questions. It is extremely frustrating to be forced to use a quiz format that does not have these functions.  

Can you please provide the new date for when the “Prevent quiz create-Prevent student attempt/submit” event on your timeline will occur? Our institution needs this information so we can plan our migration. Thank you.

Can we get an update on when the export Student Analysis item will be available?

Can you add the ability to have feedback display immediately after students answer a question? Some of the features of these new quizzes create great options for interactivity, but not being able to give students item-by-item feedback limits the impact these enhanced quizzes could provide. Thanks.

Seconding the need for the ability to export Item Analysis reports. It's such a basic function and it prevents me from ever recommending New Quizzes to our faculty, especially those who don't want to scroll through SpeedGrader for 400+ students. 

I am with Khan1 Fix the Partial Credit! I work at a virtual school and don't know when students take their tests. I have to look at my grade book every day so I can go in and fix partial credit issues because you'll seem to think everyone is going to take their test at the same damned time. It's obnoxious, time-consuming, and makes me want to tell people not to use the new question types.

Also, you need to prioritize printing in new quizzes. I have been saying this for literal years now but we have IEP/504 regulations that state some students with certain accommodations HAVE to take paper-based tests. Without being able to print, this is kinda a really big issue. 

If you all can please comment back and tell me the email address of the person I can send my teacher's complaints to when I train them in August on this new platform, that would be great. 

New quizzes needs to function with "Previous" and "Next" buttons before my team will use it.  We hide modules from students, preferring page navigation and using modules only for content flow and prerequisites.  "Return" just dumps them back in the home page, which breaks course flow completely.  As a bare minimum, new quizzes needs the same functionality as classic quizzes - then add features.  Don't just start with features people asked for - They probably meant new features, assuming old ones wouldn't go away.

Thank you for your continued commitment to upgrading and improving Canvas during these extraordinary times.

There are several critical features that our instructors need and some of these features may be on the roadmap, some may not be.  An initial list includes:

Some essential improvements (prior to us being able to roll out New Quizzes):

  1. Ability to download CSV student Analysis and Item Analysis reports (feature parity aside, this is critical to support academic integrity discussions and basic record keeping).
  2. Ability to create and deliver surveys and download survey responses in readable format.  Our instructors use both anonymous and non-anonymous surveys, some are for
    1. capturing changes to course assignments that requires majority approval of students;
    2. supporting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research.
  3. Ability to link learning outcomes at the question level.

Some longer term improvements include:

  1. Better learning analytics / course analytics, - for example, better support for
    1. Universal Design for Learning (differentiated instruction and assessment)
    2. improvements that allow for ipsative assessment - students being able to compare their performance over time and across different courses
    3. support program reviews of course learning outcomes (how they fit together and to identification of gaps).
  2. Mastery Pathways - ability to provide content depending on how someone has responded to a specific question or group of questions on an assessment.  The current tool only allows us to use the aggregated response to a quiz based on score, this limits functionality.  A workaround is to create multiple quizzes that are focused on one topic.
  3. Learning Mastery Gradebook and Student Learning Mastery Gradebook - mechanisms for these tools seem to be focused on very specific learning theories, and more work may be needed to improve usefulness and ease-of-use of these tools to make them more relevant to students and instructors to better support learning and teaching.

To support longer term improvements, - even having the capability to access data and share tools that support data privacy and security within the Canvas community would be helpful.


Agreed @george_franz. This is a big problem that really interrupts the flow of instruction. I have a faculty member who wanted to revert back to old quizzes just because of this issue even though in some ways these quizzes are much more robust. Let us know when we could expect to see this issue resolved. 

Thanks team!

It would be useful for the New Quiz team to explain all of the copy to another course and/or instructor options and the best practices.  I twice got stuck by forgetting that a New Quiz  is treated as an Assignment item. It also seems the New types are less transportable than a Classic Quiz since there is not a direct to LTI file option.  Or maybe there is and I can not find it.  For example, can I export a whole course as a LTI and find each New Quiz is an LTI item. 


I agree completely with all comments, particularly @simone_laughton .
As an administrator, I'm concerned about how New Quizzes can be exported into a course file, and how we can keep student and faculty records over the long term.

Also, I haven't tried the Canvas app in over a year, but I remember that New Quizzes had a horrible interface with extra clicks and no branding, because of their status as LTI tools. Is there any chance that flawed decision will be revisited?

My top 7 requests for New Quizzes: (PS - we cannot migrate to New Quizzes without the "needs")

1.   Bulk download for quizzes with file upload questions
2.  Doc viewer in the speedgrader for file upload questions (like in assignments)
3.  Student analysis CSV availability

4.  Ability to custom number questions (ex. 1a, 1b, 1c) instead of auto-numbering
5.  More flexibility with answer types: having multiple choice and numerical answers to one question
6.  Ability to download all time stamp data in csv/xls format (when students started/submitted a quiz)
7.  A legit likert scale question type  


I've only just started trying out New Quizzes so I'm not sure if this is addressed somewhere or if I'm missing a setting somewhere, but I noticed that when importing a course (Course > Settings > Import Course Content) that has a published New Quiz, the resulting New Quiz in the destination course is unpublished. For one or two quizzes that's not a problem but with a course copy workflow where you have many courses being copied with potentially many quizzes, it could be rather tedious. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the "LTI-ness" of the New Quizzes tool so I tried with other LTI assignment types and they kept their published status when copying so that doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.

Off-topic: I'm coming over to the Canvas world (only a few months worth of experience) from the Moodle world with nearly 10 years experience over there, and I'm really missing the ability to file bug reports in a centralized way and/or be able to search a massive bug database for things like this (especially for beta features). Is there some place to search for existing bug reports or file bug reports with Canvas? It seems like this Canvas Community forums is the only place to do that kind of thing short of contacting the CSM with issues. What am I missing?

1. Does anyone here know how to migrate test banks of Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes?

2. Or how can I upload test banks for Canvas provided by book publishers to New Quizzes. At present, it works only for Classic Quizzes.

3. When I migrate a classic quiz to New Quizzes, why does it not migrate all the settings. For example, the time limit and number of attempts. I had to go to settings and re-apply the settings.

Yeah @taniperalta its a pain in the ass.

1. Create a new quiz

2. Pop all the questions from the question bank that you wanna keep into said quiz

3. Save and publish.

4. Repeat until all the question banks are quizzes.

5. Export each quiz individually

6. Rename the export file appropriately (to reflect the question bank title) or they will all have the same name

7. Go to the new quizzes then import them

I am having to do this for ALL of our ExamView files since there is no way to import ExamView question banks into the new quizzes.

This timeline seems incomplete, compared to what was published early last year. When will new quizzes be forced on ? When will we be unable to create old quizzes ?

Our institution has two major hold-ups with moving forward.

1. Proctoring services (we use Proctorio) doesn't appear to be supported, yet.

2. Questions are tied to individuals, not courses (from what I understand). How are we supposed to manage a large online program in a course master model, if all of the questions are tied to our instructional designers and not the actual course ? How will that copy from term to term ?

+1 to @sharris 's comment.

This timeline seems to suggest that classic quizzes will remain available beyond Summer 2022 ("July/December 2022... Both New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes can be used in tandem.").

Is this a recent change?

@sharris In response to your second question, individual instructors can share item banks with each other, so right now the only solution is to have the instructional designers share their banks with all the instructors in the master model course. I agree that it's much less convenient and it seems like it's much easier for something to go wrong, so I've been rather vocal on all the posts that suggest changing this so that questions can be tied to courses instead.

@urbansk6  --- That's what I thought. It's impossible for us to use the New Quizzes, if that's the process. We have a very large master course model/online course offering system. It's operationally unfeasible for us to manage that. We'd switch to a new LMS before having to share individual question banks. 

@sharris  I made a master course with new quizzes and used question banks to transfer questions between quizzes and courses as I went.  It did not occur to me that other instructors might not have access to the quiz questions.  I have just checked with an instructor who does not have direct access to the master course, and she is able to see all of the questions in the course.  It may be that she will lack permissions to edit them, but that seems reasonable for instructors who are not involved in creating the course maser, and I do not mind dealing with any required changes myself if they come up.

@Steven_S Your guess that she won't be able to edit them is correct, as I can confirm from my experience with using "sharing sites" in Canvas. It's good that that setup works for you, but it's extremely frustrating for my situation (and it sounds like sharris is in a similar situation) because the "sharing sites" I'm a part of are meant to be collaborative, and the problem is that we don't have the option to make collaboration easier. I can share with my peers directly, but individually sharing hundreds of item banks with a dozen different people is just going to be very time-consuming. We really need an option to toggle settings that are better for large-scale collaboration.

It's also worth noting that not being able to edit them also means not being able to export them to your own course from the master course. Having full access to the item banks (editing privileges and all) is the only way to transfer them between courses. So it's possible that you'll run into issues with it as well.

@urbanf  I have also checked with a faculty member who is a "teacher" in the master course and did his own course copy.  He is able to see all of the quiz questions even in his copy.  Since the bank is linked to me rather than to the master course, it seems it did not require specifically sharing the item bank for him to copy the entire quiz to his own section.  Our other instructor had no access to the master course and so an admin copied it for her with the same result.  I have not asked them to try accessing the bank from their other courses, but that is not a necessary action in our case and it could clutter their own list of banks if they could.  I have not asked them to try changing those questions, but it makes sense to me that they would not be able to unless I specifically shared the bank, because we want to be able to prepare a course for others to teach, but we do not want the chaos of random changes by many instructors to banks that we are all using. 

Since you do want all instructors to be able to make changes to the same question banks, you might consider adding an idea conversation about creating instructor groups for sharing.  That way banks could be shared with the group, rather than with just one instructor at a time.  I believe that once shared, all instructors can make changes.

@Steven_S It seems that you simply don't need the features @sharris and I are requesting—you don't need to move New Quizzes to different courses, you don't need to let other instructors edit your content, etc.—which is great for you, but for some of us those are absolutely crucial functionalities that we can't do without. I'm glad that you have workarounds and other options, but I don't, and I know there are many others who also don't, so I would like to make sure that's as clear to Canvas Instructure as possible. I have voted on, commented on, and submitted as many idea conversations as I really can at this point without being unprofessionally obsessive.

@urbansk6 -- That's exactly right. Right now, here is our process.

Old Quizzes:

Instructional Designer works with faculty course developer to create online master shell. These people may never actually teach the live course. Or - the faculty may only teach 1 section when it's offered. Master shell is finished. Every 8 weeks, we copy everything in the master automatically to any live teaching section. That's it. 

New Quizzes:

Same process on course design, but it seems like when we actually copy to live sections there are bunch of other steps/workaround that will have to happen in order to the teaching faculty to have any agency over the question banks. That's not workable for us, as we have 1,000's of course sections and 1,000's of question banks. When you have a large online operation (like we do) that is growing exponentially, it's essential that question banks live with courses, not people. 

@sharris  and @urbansk6  I'm not sure what we are doing differently, because the only difference is that I do not need the other instructors to be able to edit the quiz that comes with the course.  We do need to move quizzes and questions between courses, and we did so successfully.  The master course copied to both sections with all of the questions that came from banks without any need for work-arounds to show any of the questions...  I triple checked with them because of your posts.  It may be that there is an admin setting somewhere causing different reactions in our systems.  That would seem to be a quick fix - if it can be identified.

The instructors involved in course design (since we don't get to have a dedicated course designer) build the course and can share the bank if needed since we are a small group that works closely together.  But in this case, all we shared was the course (unless an admin was really proactive.)  That seems to have worked in our small test, though again we haven't needed to test who can edit quizzes yet.

Since these banks are linked to people, and then the same bank is used in every course where those people need the same questions, it would be better in the long run to have the quiz banks linked to master courses only editable by the teachers of the master course, so that two adjuncts who rarely interact are not changing questions in the same bank for different reasons.  This is particularly true if you expand out from there with letting the adjuncts who are only teaching a section use (and edit) the questions from these banks in any other course they might teach.  Giving adjuncts teaching the sections created from a master course the ability to use a quiz, without the ability to edit the bank where some of those questions live makes sense.  It will avoid unexpected impacts in everyone else's class using the same bank. 

If you do want everyone in a large group of faculty to be able to edit every quiz question and reuse the questions in any quiz or course they choose, I suggest that (unless banks revert to being linked to courses) the most efficient solution is to make it easy to share with a large group all at once.  Those faculty will need to be coordinated to avoid impacted each other's courses, however.

What did not work in our test was turning on lockdown browser in the master course.  The labels stayed in place but the settings all reset, even for my own course copy.  The instructors each needed to individually turn on lockdown browser requirements and allow ipads and chromebooks for every single quiz.

@Steven_S I see, so your instructors are copying the entire course. What we need is the ability to import and export only the individual quizzes that each instructor needs, which was very easy with Classic Quizzes but doesn't currently exist in Quizzes.Next (the only way to do it is to manually "load" and "unload" Item Banks question by question, which requires access to the Item Banks). We're not using a "master course" like you where instructors can copy the whole thing, we're using a "sharing site" where all the instructors of different levels in a language department pool resources. It used to be totally feasible, and we did tons of work to set it up, and now suddenly basic things that used to take seconds take hours.

Like I keep saying, I'm glad that your setup works and that you don't need the features we're requesting. But your setup does not work for us—we desperately need a middle ground between exporting individual questions and exporting the entire course, which I think is perfectly reasonable. It's wonderful for you that Canvas's changes haven't disrupted your workflow, but that's what it's done to us, and I think we have a right to ask Canvas to give us back the basic functionalities that were present before they upgraded the quiz engine.

@urbansk6   Have you considered building quizzes in the sharing site out of the banks?  We also set up a few canvas courses to be used that way, and we can see that site in our course import list.  Instead of copying the entire course, the same system can be used to copy specific course content, like individual quizzes.

The teachers could import the entire quiz that was built by the instructor who does have access to the bank.  Once imported, instructors can delete any question they do not want, and change the point value of each question, or add individual questions of their own that are not shared.

This might not be feasible if the instructors pull from many different banks in different combinations from each other (such that no quiz could be built that would have most of what most instructors need for a given quiz in their individual courses.)

I'm only trying to help, because it seems that we can do at least some of what you need to do.  Also, changes to canvas take time, so your instructors will need a path forward while they wait.  If my suggestion does not help directly, at least it could help to clarify to the engineers what you need - they might share my confusion.

@Steven_S I'm not sure where the confusion lies. This is a problem that has been clarified and requested many, many times on this site. Going to "export course content" in any course pulls up a list of content to export, but nothing built in Quizzes.Next is ever included. That is the problem that needs to be addressed. It's a well-documented issue (for instance, the engineer team archives idea conversations that ask for features that already exist, and this one has been open for conversation for almost a whole year now: Export/Import New Quizzes/Question Banks). I apologize if I seem frustrated—I'm not, it's just clear to me from everything you've written that you simply haven't experienced the specific problem that I'm talking about, so I keep trying to steer the conversation back to the relevant topic. Of course the instructors at my institution are working with what they have while we wait—my job is mostly to do grunt work that they don't have time for—but this forum is a place to tell Canvas what's missing.

@urbansk6  Export course content requires the content to be posted to canvas commons, (or saved elsewhere) to be loaded into another course later on.  I'm sure there are reasons for wanting that, and that necessary improvements to canvas commons will be underway.  However, there is a simpler way to move content between a shared canvas course where faculty work together and an individual section, and it does transfer new quizzes. The confusion was that I did not understand you were relying on course exports, before your course imports.  Since users also help each other get things done in these forums, I will share how we successfully move new quizzes.

In course settings of the course you wish to import content into, select "import course content" from the right side menu.  Then choose "copy a canvas course" as your import type and the shared canvas course (where you describe a large number of faculty working together) will be in the list along with all of your other courses.  The courses are divided into terms, but at the bottom of the list there is a "default term" where working courses like that without a term attached are listed.  Your shared course should be in the course copy list of every instructor who has been added as a teacher to that course, so everyone can do this for themselves.  In the next step of the copy click "select specific content," and after you click "import" a button will be available for you to select content, including any new quizzes that need to be copied. 

This method of course content copying seems to be the middle ground you are looking for, and it also avoids accidentally sharing course content more widely than intended through canvas commons, because only the those added to the shared course will have access to any content in it. 

@Steven_S Wow, I can't believe I'm only now finding out that that feature exists. Thank you and sorry for assuming the discussion of copying courses was irrelevant, then. Now I'm confused why searching for solutions to export/import issues in New Quizzes doesn't pull up documentation on that or why members of the Canvas Instructure team have never weighed in on threads like the one I posted above... I've had this problem for months and I've mostly been told "you can only import through Item Banks" at every turn. It doesn't entirely help that the language is confusing—I never clicked "copy a Canvas course" because I (understandably) assumed that it would copy an entire course.

That still doesn't solve the problem of the moments when we actually do need the .QTI files, though (we never shared anything to Canvas Commons, so we never ran into any of the issues you mentioned—we always downloaded and reuploaded the .QTI files directly). The person who posted the import/export thread rightly pointed out that the course copy doesn't work between institutions, so the ability to export to .QTI is still a necessary feature that's missing.

It is definitely confusing if you think of New Quizzes as being the same as old quizzes in the 'Quiz' category.  I am learning that they are really 'Assignments' since they are based on an external app. Instructure needs to beef up the New Quiz documentation and list best practices.

The Timeline tells us that in 2018 "New Quizzes was designed to be the new assessment engine for Canvas."

IMHO they still fall short as a full-fledged assessment tool. The fundamental reason may be that they are managed as an external app and thus have limitations that the original (old) Quizzes do not have.

In the short run, are any of these likely to see the light iof day in 2021 ?  

   (1)  Straightforward export and import of a single New Quiz (as Old Quizzes operate -- no strings attached when sharing QTI files). 

   (2)  Ability to create reports or pages that let you drill down to see individual student answers (or an equivalent student analysis CSV export).

   (3)  Public API that is close to equivalent to how original Quiz items can be accessed.


Is there a timeline update for the deprecation of Old Quizzes?  My school has summer courses that run online through Canvas, and I need to know how to direct my instructors.  New Quizzes is still a bit "buggy" to try to train faculty, but I need to know that Classic Quizzes will be available through August when the courses conclude?  


I can't seem to find a straightforward date on the timeline.

I just talked today with Canvas CSM priority services team and they reassured me that Classic Quizzes will be operational until July-December of 2022.  Canvas team is gathering priority list of features for the New quizzes so transition can be easy as possible.  My school District is very concerned about BluePrint feature working and migration path from Quiz Banks to New Quizzes item banks.  We have over 1000 Quiz banks.  Here is some helpful  links  Roadmap With poll at the bottom to voice your priority fro their list of features:  

Looking forward to 2021 with New Quizzes   

@leo_satara Thank you so much! We have a few hundred question banks, most of them created by me. :). This migration is of great concern as we are moving forward, particularly with our virtual-only course offerings.  I appreciate the information!

Any issues regarding auto submission in New Quizzes? Our students are experiencing this despite the lock-up date is not due.  

We moved from Moodle to Canvas 9 months ago, and there is a lot we like about Canvas, but the quiz tools (classic and new) are just pathetic by comparison. You can't paginate quizzes. You can't add a text "question" in new quizzes ("stimulus" is a much more limiting feature). Question banks are linked to users instead of to courses. New quizzes are aesthetically awful with no RCE powers and limited ability to add content to the question part. New Quizzes abandon the useful options to have practice quizzes (despite the clunky workaround) and their integration into the course navigation is terrible. It is astonishing that such a core component of teaching and learning is so pathetic in a celebrated LMS. I have been watching for months hoping that New Quizzes would suddenly come to the party with a major upgrade, but alas it seems that Canvas is planning to depreciate Classic Quizzes and roller out New Quizzes with functionality akin to what we currently have currently!? At the very least New Quizzes should retain all the functionality we have in Classic Quizzes and add to it instead of sacrificing and array of useful aspects and offering so little to compensate. Common Canvas! You give us a Ferrari LMS and then you append wooden wheels in the quiz tool.

How do you  copy  Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes and get the audio to go with it? Our teachers record every question for our students who need oral, and when they try to copy to New Quizzes the audio does not go. Can anyone please help me?

Our center (located at a large university which uses Canvas) is required by federal grants to create open and free (higher ed) course resources (OER). Since 2015, we have created many large public  Canvas courses to fulfill those mandates. The availability and ability to use practice (ungraded) quizzes in public courses was the main reason for us to use Canvas. Unfortunately, the feature was dropped in the new version and currently there is no way to use practice quizzes in public courses with the New Quizzes,  only "assignment quizzes" are allowed. As far as we understand "assignment quizzes" cannot be added to public courses even if the assignment is worth 0 points. If practice quizzes will remain unsupported for public courses then we will be forced to migrate all of our courses to another LMS or app. But this will pose a burden in itself, since there is no financial support, subject experts, or time to do this. Since this was paid for with federal grants, it would be a waste of tax payer money if the courses become unavailable. Likewise the big expenses caused by migrating the courses would also be a waste of tax payer money. Needless to say that a lot of instructors nationwide and internationally have become dependent on the Canvas courses we created. So if the courses became unavailable, it wouldn't just effect our university. Especially devastating would be the impact on poor and underserved communities around the world. Removing this feature would also  be counterproductive to Canvas' efforts of participating in Open Education, as Canvas tried to do just this with Canvas Commons. It seems like public courses which have helped efforts of Open Education have become less important to Canvas, leaving a lot of open educators stranded.

So, here is my question: Is there a roadmap for enabling practice quizzes in public courses with New Quizzes or has that option been abandoned completely?

I need the partial credit fixed, please. As of now, I am having to convert all my matching to multiple choice. I would also like it to allow me to change the points as the old quiz feature did. When I import, it resets the matching to 1 point instead of 8 if there are 8 questions.

Also, I need to keep the stimulus associated with the questions in the item bank. My questions are generally reading comprehension questions, and they are no good without the stimulus. If they could be linked in the bank, that would be great!

If the quizzes could go back in the quizzes menu when you are finished working on them, I would appreciate that because I have too many assignments to look through. If this were the case, the item bank would be easier to get to, as well.

Thank you!

Until the media recording functionality exists in New Quizzes, it is very important for teachers to be able access and edit content in Classic Quizzes. Recording audio directly into a quiz question has been invaluable for my ELL students and those who are on IEP's.  Until New Quizzes has this key functionality, classic quizzes needs to be accessible. 

Is there any reason why access to both can't be extended until the New Quizzes has the same functions as Classic. This is not an improvement to the product if it does not meet the needs of our students.

Why has all forward progress seemingly halted on New Quizzes? Hundreds, if not thousands, of K12 teachers have been begging for the ability to give partial credit for over 2 years now...nothing from Canvas. A beautiful new RCE, but, nope, not in new quizzes. The ability to record the question for special ed students so it can be read to them? Nope, not in new quizzes. K12 is a huge market for Canvas...making those that use your program unjustifiably angry seems an odd way to grow your market share.

@sbevier  I believe there is an update for new quizzes in beta testing that will improve teacher interactions with new quizzes in the modules page, and there is work underway to add the previous and next buttons for students.  Partial credit is also on the priority list:

Hi there!  I apologize if what I'm seeking has been asked before, but I am struggling to find the answer anywhere else. Does New Quizzes work with Respondus Lockdown Browser?  And if so, how do you set it up?  We are a Chromebook district.  Any advice or assistance would be appreciated!

@knoxd   Yes, New Quizzes works with lockdown browser.  You need to add it as an LTI.  It will show up in the tabs of the left side menu (or if not go to settings>navigation and drag it up to the list that shows on the page and then click save at the bottom of the screen). 

When you click the lockdown browser tab all of your quizzes (new and classic both) will be there in a list.  For each quiz, there is a drop down menu to the left of the quiz name.  Click "settings" in that menu.  Choose "require respondus lockdown browser for this exam" and more settings will appear.  You can put a password on the exam, for example, if you only want students to be able to take the exam at a specific location, the password might be displayed at that location.  The password is not required, and I have not tested it.  Below the password there is an expandable advanced settings menu.  Expand it.  The second and third options (or third and fourth for classic quizzes) in the list allow students to use ipads and chromebooks.  I have tested both and they work for my students. 

There are other advanced settings available.  If you are going to be monitoring students live, you can lock them into the exam attempt.  That means they cannot cheat by leaving the quiz to use a different app, but it also means that if they have technical difficulties that require them to restart their browser, they will not be able to do so without your help.  If you do not use that setting, and students do leave the exam without finishing, lockdown browser will ask them to enter an explanation.  All early exits will be noted on the lockdown browser tab as a number in an orange circle next to the drop down menu.  When you see that circle, the drop down menu will include an option to view early exits.  That option will note each individual early exit (and any explanations entered by the exiting students.)   So, it will be obvious if a student is repeatedly leaving in order to get around the lockdown browser restrictions.  I prefer that note and the ability let my students start their quiz at a flexible time over locking them into the exam and having to be available just in case they run into technical difficulties and need to be let back in.

You can also allow students to access a specific web domain.  (For example, on an open book test you might allow the textbook publisher's site, but still want lockdown browser to block google.)  You can also chose to allow a calculator during the exam (which I expect is separate from the calculator you can turn on in new quiz settings, but I have not test this) and you can allow printing (which reduces exam security because students could print a copy of the question and potentially share with others who have not started yet.)

Below the advanced settings there are live proctoring options.  You can require respondus monitoring.  Respondus monitoring requires the student to turn on a webcam, and then they are recorded during the exam.  The video is available for instructors to view later, and any suspicious events that may be detected are flagged.  There is also a new live monitoring option using zoom, teams, google meet, or "other" video conferencing systems.  I have not tested any of the monitoring features.

You will need to set these settings for each quiz individually.  Once you have the quiz set up, students will navigate to it in their normal browser, and unlike classic quizzes, their lockdown browser app will open automatically when they get to the quiz.  This is easier to explain to students than that quizzes will only load when they are using lockdown browser (which is the case in classic quizzes).

What does not yet work is the copying of lockdown browser requirements when you import a quiz with lockdown browser requirements.  In classic quizzes, your copied quizzes only require you to click on the lockdown browser tab, and then copied settings are activated.  In new quizzes, the quizzes currently keep the quiz name that claims lockdown browser is required, and that is it.  You will have to manually reset each of your settings for every individual quiz that you import.

Thank you @Steven_S - we're well versed in Respondus, but I really appreciate your detailed response. We have used RLDB for the past couple of years with Classic Quizzes, but have been unsuccessful so far using it with New Quizzes.  We can get things set up correctly on the teacher side, and our students can access Lockdown Browser through kiosk mode on the Chromebooks, but that is as far as it goes.  The "Launch Assessment" button does nothing for us.  Our I.T. Department is quite sure we have the most recent version of Lockdown Browser installed.  Has anyone had similar issues that could provide some trouble shooting tips?

@knoxd   In new quizzes the students should not be starting in lockdown browser.  When they navigate to the quiz in canvas using their normal browser, lockdown browser auto launches and then starts the quiz.  Lockdown browser keeps the students from accessing any other app at the same time as the quiz, and so the chromebook kiosk mode is not required separately. 

@Steven_S Oh bless you!  NONE of the training materials I could find referenced Chromebooks (even though one from RLDB said there would be a separate video) so that is the misstep we were making!  I appreciate this tidbit VERY much!

May we be assisted by allowing new quizzes to have the following functionalities:

  • Bulk download of “file upload” type questions
  • Inclusion of Numerical Question type with multiple answers
  • Inclusion of Fill in Multiple Blanks question type
  • Ability to regrade all question types (including those of randomisation coming from Question Banks), of course with exception of file upload question type.
  • Ability to have nested Questions Banks

Please help

  • add a survey function (graded and ungraded options for surveys, please) - the classic quizzes could function as surveys. This works well for participation based classes where all answers are correct or a true survey type situation. Students would get credit as a quiz for participation and full points.
  • I set the new quiz to show grade as complete/incomplete! Only students who earn all points are receiving a complete. Maybe allow instructor to set guidelines as to what constitutes a complete vs incomplete or take that feature away from the choice list.
  • When updating the auto grades in speedgrader, I'm encountering many issues
    • have to click update many times before the quiz shows the score
    • I can't update the grade for speedgrader myself. It is embedded with the new quiz and I'm encountering many errors when trying to get the grade to update. Sometimes the score showing for the new quiz does not match what the little speedgrader box says. Even after many clicks of update. This is taking me hours!!!