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No support for surveys

We have just been told that Canvas will not be supporting surveys in the new quizzes. At the moment, our college uses surveys to garner learner feedback, set an expectation for a course and ask for feedback on various topics. The suggestion is to  use an outside survey tool.  To do this we would need to:

  • purchase another tool
  • hope that it integrates with the LMS
  • set up an integration between the new survey tool, the LMS and a CRS.
  • somehow work out how to make this a seamless integration for our learners.

I'd be interested if others may have similar concerns. 


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Our institution is also aware of surveys not being a part of New Quizzes. However, we have two other options at the institution for faculty to do surveys, Qualtrics and Office365 Forms. So far, faculty who have elected to use Qualtrics or Office365 forms have put a link to the surveys in their course. They don't have the benefit of having an automatic due date appear in the To Do list. Workarounds that we have seen are faculty creating a calendar item with the link to the survey and having individuals setup a page with a description and link to the survey (then the to do date is applied).

I'll be curious as to what others are doing as well.

- Melissa

Thank you @mdthomas for mentioning forms and those workarounds. I use Google Forms linked from a Canvas Assignment to conduct a formative assessment where I want students to be able to choose how to complete the assessment, and the forking ability for Google Forms works really well. What I don't like about it is the lack of immediate feedback on the Grades page for students. Even though I set up the form to collect their email addresses and send a copy of their responses, each semester I still have students who ask why they don't get any indication on the Grades page in Canvas that they have done the assignment.

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We use FORMS inside of MS Office 365 or Qualtrics at Lindenwood University...You can also make a free survey inside of Google forms.

Hope this is helpful!

Cindy Lane, Instructional Technologist, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO

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Our institution relies fairly heavily on Canvas surveys at the moment. A while ago, Canvas came out with a "We're listening" forum for New Quizzes, and one of my colleagues gave the feedback that surveys should be included in New Quizzes. You can read his feedback here:

I'm not sure if there is a feature idea to vote up or not. @nwilson7, want to add anything?

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@s_deering to add to what @kmallen mentioned I know the current roadmap shows there will be no support for survey as "quizzes are a separate thing from surveys" however, there has been lots of pushback on this from the Canvas community and I feel like this may have sparked some discussions within Canvas. (fingers, toes, and everything else crossed)

I do not have an "insider" knowledge but I continue to re-iterate this point with our CSM that "use another tool" has a cost (and high one at that) if we want it integrated inside Canvas which is a MUST for us.  We have other survey systems but none currently integrate into Canvas and the quotes to have that LTI functionality have been way out of our budget.  I have suggested that they just allow the option for points to be awarded regardless of the answer submitted, specifically with essays since those are not auto-graded at all right now, and this seems to be being received so I am crossing my figures this will be an option. 

We have several processes that completely rely on Canvas surveys and is a make or break for students graduating so not having them built directly into Canvas is a huge potential issue for us.



Hi all,

Drieam has a Qualtrics integration for Canvas that you can use to maintain the graded survey functionality in New Quizzes.

For some of you that are already familiar with us, we've recently launched a new pricing model specifically for this use case. This lowers the license costs for universities to Qualtrics LTI the tool to their instructors.


Feel free to send me a message in case you need more information.


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