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Partner Listing: SMOWL Proctoring Software

Partner Listing: SMOWL Proctoring Software



Building trust in e-Learning.







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About Smowltech

SMOWL is the perfect solution to ensure that your students or users don't try to cheat during online tests.

This remote proctoring software comes equipped with a variety of features that allow you to personalize the security measures that you feel are necessary for your exam.

By simply activating SMOWL, the proctor will immediately begin collecting pertinent data through the user's webcam, detecting any irregularities like the use of notes, multiple users, or headphones, among other things.

Once the test is completed, SMOWL will furnish you with a comprehensive report of all observed incidents.


Additionally, our tool allows for monitoring the user's computer activity during the test and configuring which types of applications are permitted at that time.

It detects any open applications and browser tabs, connected devices, copy-paste functions, and more.




SMOWL helps to make education more accessible by providing remote proctoring services that enable students to take exams online from anywhere in the world, at any time. This flexibility allows students who may face geographical, financial, or other barriers to education to take exams on their own terms, without having to be physically present in a specific location.

Moreover, SMOWL's software incorporates features such as customizable security layers, webcam monitoring, and computer activity tracking, which help to ensure the integrity of the online testing environment. By providing a secure and reliable platform for remote exams, SMOWL helps to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment that accommodates all students, regardless of their circumstances.


Security & Privacy

Smowltech takes privacy seriously and does not share or sell personal data collected. This data is encrypted and owned by each institution. Smowltech follows the rules of GDPR, and our privacy policy is available on our website. Discover more in our blog.


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