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How do I access the Partner Support team?

How do I access the Partner Support team?

The sole access point to the Partner Support team is through a Canvas sandbox. Thus, Partner Support is reserved for those Partners who have purchased a Canvas sandbox. All users in the Canvas sandbox can access the Partner Support. Users can submit support requests by navigating to the Help icon on the global navigation, then selecting Report a Problem.


Our Partner Support team is highly technical and can assist with questions you may have regarding integration with Canvas. Including payload examples, referencing specific LTI/API endpoints, and URLs to specific examples in your sandbox of unexpected or problem behavior is highly encouraged.

As a note, given the complex nature of integration/development questions and a high-volume queue, our Partner Support does not have SLAs and works through their queue as quickly as possibleShould you require more hands-on technical support, we have a team at Instructure who can deliver integration consultation services. If you are interested, please let us know and we would be happy to set up a scoping call with that team to scope the project and price of your request.

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