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How do I gain permissions to create/edit a Partner Listing?

How do I gain permissions to create/edit a Partner Listing?

NOTE: Your ability to access this page indicates you already have the appropriate Partners permissions to access the authenticated Partner Lounge (where this resource lives) which also includes Partner Listing create/edit functionality. You can reference this resource to guide colleagues who may want authenticated Partners permissions. 

Access to the Community requires access to an Instructure-hosted Canvas environment. Please follow these steps to complete your listing:

  1. Login/create a Canvas account at OR login via the Canvas Sandbox purchased by your company. If you are unsure if your company has purchased a Sandbox, please reach out to 
  2. Once signed in, access the Community through the experience by selecting the Help icon on the left-hand navigation, then selecting Search the Canvas Guides. This will authenticate your account into the Community. Here is a guide that outlines these steps:
  3. You will need certain permissions turned on for your individual Community user profile in order to access the Partner actions listed in these instructions. Permissions need to be updated by our Community team and will require your individual Community account's URL. Please follow these steps to do so:
    *Your account will need special permissions to complete the following steps. Please fill out THIS FORM with your URL to your Canvas Community Profile once you have created it.
    Here is a screencast that shows you how to find your Canvas Community URL:
    *Please note: permissions approval is not immediate. Please expect additional delay if you complete the form outside of normal business hours (Mountain Standard Time). 
  4. Once you have been granted the appropriate permissions, you should be able to complete all the steps included in the previously referenced instructions

Because permissions are granted at the individual profile level, and access to the Community requires access to a Canvas account, if you have any colleagues that need the ability to edit your listing, they will need to follow these same instructions. 

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