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What is the Collective Credential Program?

What is the Collective Credential Program?

As a member of the EdTech Collective, Instructure’s partner ecosystem, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Collective Credentials. Many of these credentials will be free of charge and available to all partners. Others that require more in depth review or additional benchmarks will require a fee. All credentials will be displayed on your partner page in the Canvas Community, and can also be leveraged on your company website or other digital properties to signify your active participation in the EdTech Collective, and your commitment to better serve our shared clients through partnership.

Why Did We Start The Collective Credential Program?

The Collective Credential program was launched with the goal of quickly and efficiently providing important information to our clients about our partners. Many of our clients have provided input regarding the requirements for each credential and we’ll continue to consult with them in the development of future credentials.  

What Are Collective Credentials?

As a member of the EdTech Collective, Instructure partners have the opportunity to obtain Collective Credentials and digital badges.  

Collective Credentials help our clients understand more about a partner at a glance and give our partners the opportunity to distinguish themselves from other technology and service providers.  

How Are Collective Credentials Awarded? 

Collective Credentials are earned by doing cool stuff like providing exceptional user support and keeping student data private and secure. Each credential has a unique set of requirements that must be met for the credential to be awarded. Credential badges are issued as open badges powered by the Badgr platform.  

All credentials require an active partnership agreement and partner directory page in the Community. If you have yet to create your Partner Listing, check out our guide on how to do so.

Visit the requirements page for each credential to learn more about the application process and requirements for each credential.  

What Can I Do With Collective Credentials? 

Once a credential is earned, a digital badge will be added to the partner’s directory page in the Canvas Community. You can also use the badge on your website or other marketing materials. 

If you have an idea for a credential that you would like to see offered in the Collective Credential program, please reach out to  We would love to hear from you! 

Where Can I See a List of Available Credentials?

To see a list of available credentials, visit the Collective Credential List in the Partner Lounge.

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