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Instructure is on a mission to help everyone learn together. That's why our learning platform is open, flexible, and extensible. And it's why we partner with hundreds of like-minded companies. Collectively, we enrich teaching and learning through technology.

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Partner Listing: 11trees

11trees helps individuals and organizations scale 1-to-1 engagement through more articulate, impactful, and efficient communication. We make creating feedback faster, more valuable, and support students by streamlining access to key academic, motivational, and skill-building resources. We build our solutions to work hand-in-hand with Canvas. 

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Partner Listing: 3Play Media

3Play Media is a full-service video accessibility solution you can trust to deliver on quality, turnaround, and support.

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Partner Listing: Accelerate Education

​​​​​​​Accelerate Education offers rich and engaging curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet state standards. With a robust catalog that boasts more than 300 course titles and 30,000 discrete learning objects, Accelerate is able to support districts’ online learning needs for core subject areas, electives, and world languages at all levels – from Credit Recovery to Advanced Placement –...

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Partner Listing: ActiveClass

Give your LMS a social life and easily humanize your online courses.Easy CommunicationStudent CollaborationContent Sharing

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Partner Listing: AdminDash

Driven by a need for accessible student and institutional data, SYS AdminDash provides school staff with digestible snapshots of daily student activities and usages all housed within the Canvas LMS. By calculating real-time data from Canvas and available integrations like Zoom into a unique "Risk Score", AdminDash helps academic administrators, teachers, counselors, and SpEd case managers identify...

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Partner Listing: HelioCampus Assessment & Credentialing

AEFIS, the leading ed-tech company that partners with higher education to improve learner success through empowering authentic assessment for lifelong learning, successfully completed the IMS Global Learning Consortium® certification conformance assessment for the Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) standard, making AEFIS the first software solution to achieve IMS CLR certification.

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Partner Listing: AI Writing Instructor

Ecree's technology provides students with unlimited formative writing support in real-time. Ecree provides teachers with precise diagnostic insights into student learning needs as students progress through their academic work. Ecree also uses AI technology to walk students through the writing process. 

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Partner Listing: Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps education and nonprofit customers deploy cloud services to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across the globe. Organizations of all sizes use AWS to build applications, host websites, harness big data, store information, conduct research, improve online access for citizens, and more. 

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Partner Listing: ampEducator

Connect, manage and deliver Student data all in one place.ampEducator is an easy to use, affordable, academic management platform (CRM, SIS, LMS).

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Partner Listing: Analytic Orange, Inc.

At Analytic Orange, Inc., we are experts with a passion for education, children, teachers, and a strong, well-educated America.

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Partner Listing: Anthology Ally (previously Blackboard Ally)

Accessibility is a journey, not a destination - and no matter where an institution is on this path, it needs a partner that helps it to build more equitable learning environments for everyone and to meet personalized and different ways of learning.

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Partner Listing: Apex Learning

An industry leader in online education with deep expertise in digital curriculum, Apex Learning works closely with school districts across the country to implement proven solutions that increase on-time graduation rates and create opportunities for student success in school and beyond. The company is driven by the understanding that supporting the needs of all students – from struggling to acceler...

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Partner Listing: APL nextED

APL nextED brings faculty, staff, affiliates and administrators together in ONE platform and centralizes academic administrative operations for greater connection, ease, efficiency and cost savings.      

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Partner Listing: aPlus Attendance

aPlus+ Attendance brings a tightly integrated ‘University Grade' attendance suite to Canvas, offering 'in person', remote and Zoom options for attendance collection.

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Partner Listing: Aspire Ability

We serve employers, educational institutions, and integrating institutions seeking to bridge the gap between school and work. 

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Partner Listing: AspirEDU, Inc.

Can you quickly see a view of a student's performance across ALL of their courses?  Can you see a personalized dashboard of just the students that are assigned to you?  Dropout Detective can help you to help your students succeed!

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Partner Listing: - Teaching and Learning Intelligent Assistant (TALIA)

Instructify is building a multi-purpose AI teaching assistant. Our teaching assistant will help educators accomplish multiple tasks around course content creation, exam generation, answering repetitive questions, and protecting the integrity of their credentials.

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Partner Listing: Attainment HUB

Attainment HUB provides access to digital content associated with Attainment products, including web software subscriptions, by redeeming access codes.

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Partner Listing: Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)

AST leverages smart automation and professional transcribers and describers to power its CaptionSync video accessibility services. Learn more in our overview on the Canvas Community Space.

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Partner Listing: AverPoint Classroom

Integrate media literacy lessons into your social studies classes.

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Partner Listing: Becker's Accounting Master

AccountingMaster™ is designed to help university faculty create custom content exams and assignments, giving access to Becker CPA’s and CMA’s entire test bank of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations with automatic, real-time assignment scoring.

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We offer thousands of lessons in over 40 courses that are aligned with OpenStax, NGSS, TEKS, and Common Core, and new courses are constantly being added.

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Partner Listing: Blindside Networks Inc. (BigBlueButton)

Canvas Conferences is the built-in solution for virtual classrooms.  Used by over 1,000 Canvas customers, it gives your instructors a deeply integrated solution that is easy for students to join, enables them to engage students for effective learning, and provides recordings and analytics within Canvas.

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Partner Listing: BOOKOPOLIS

Bookopolis is a kid-friendly social network and book discovery tool designed to ignite a love of reading in elementary and middle school students. It’s like Goodreads made just for kids.

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Partner Listing: BookWidgets

Use BookWidgets to create fun and interactive lessons for tablets, smartphones, and computers. Choose from over 40 exercise templates (quizzes, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, ...), and adapt them with your own content.

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Partner Listing: Box of Books

Box of Books delivers ebooks and digital resources, provision publisher interactive accounts, ship physical textbooks and stationery, and work hard to keep leading schools at the forefront of digital learning. We seamlessly integrate into schools who already use Canvas. 

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Partner Listing: bulb Digital Portfolios

bulb is an award-winning digital portfolio used by students and educators to create, curate and showcase their passions, growth and best school work. This user-friendly tool allows students to document their learning experiences with vivid multimedia pages in a beautiful and professional profile.

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Partner Listing: Cadmus

Cadmus is a secure, online assessment platform accessed through Canvas. The platform facilitates an end-to-end assessment workflow, making it easy to create and manage in-semester and exam-style assessment. With built-in assessment templates and learning analytics, educators are empowered to improve assessment and teaching practices; while students benefit from timely learning support and scaffold...

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Partner Listing: Cadmium Warpwire

Warpwire is a video delivery platform for leading enterprise and educational institutions whose users require a secure, simple and reliable system for hosting media content. We uniquely offer AI captions for every video!

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