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Portfolium Release Notes (2020-04-30)

Portfolium Release Notes (2020-04-30)

The Portfolium team is happy to introduce updates to the Experience and Projects requirement types in Pathways milestones.


Experience Requirement Type

The Experience requirement type does not require a student to submit an artifact for a designated reviewer to mark the requirement as complete.This functionality gives students an option to complete a requirement without having to display the information in their ePortfolio.





This requirement type could be used for a to-do list item or to require students to attend a live event.



The Experience requirement type can be graded as pass/fail or numeric. If a numeric score is selected, a coordinator must enter an acceptance threshold that the student must earn to fulfill the requirement.


Requirement Reviewer

The Experience and Project requirement types allow coordinators to select a specific reviewer for the assignment. Even though a submission is not required for an Experience requirement type, a reviewer still needs to be selected to own the requirement. Selecting a requirement reviewer for a Project requirement type is optional and is separate from the pool of reviewers for the Pathway.




Bulk Scoring Requirement Types

A Bulk Scoring option is available for Experience requirement types. This option allows requirement reviewers to score everything in an Experience requirement at once.




Requirement reviewers can upload a CSV file that contains the student pass/fail or numeric grading scores. Before final submission of grades, the coordinator will receive a final preview of the student scores.

Experience Requirement Type Student View

Students can view instructions for an Experience requirement type by clicking the Learn More button.




The Experience requirement type status will appear as Not Complete until the Pathway is completed. Additionally, a No Submission box is present. 


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