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v4.6 Curriculum Maps

v4.6 Curriculum Maps

The Portfolium team is happy to announce a new feature to help show the alignment of courses to your outcomes. This new functionality allows you to build rich and dynamic maps with just a few simple clicks from your existing outcomes and course library.

curriculum maps example page

By quickly selecting the outcomes you want to align, we'll auto-populate the courses using those outcomes and instantly generate a map as displayed above. You can then add or delete any additional courses or outcomes and further customize your map.

As your course templates are claimed by instructors, you can then drill into those courses and see the alignment on a per course basis as shown below. This is a great way to see the alignments broken down by terms.

Curriculum mapping broken down by terms

Additionally, you can export your maps in .csv format so you can easily import them into your favorite spreadsheet tool. 

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