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Be in the know for Product!

Want to learn about a feature gets on the roadmap and the product process? In the links below, learn about the feature lifecycle, get product insights, participate in feature idea conversations, provide feedback about beta features, and view details of recent releases.


Canvas teams are continually updating the roadmap and noting features that are coming in subsequent quarters.


The roadmap indicates the targeted month a feature should be released and is updated monthly. Dates are always subject to change.

Discovery Conversations

Engage with the product team on projects and initiatives in the early stages of the software development process. Read their blog posts and engage in their requests for feedback! Engagement is one part of the Instructure feature development process.

Feature Previews

Some features are identified as feature previews, which provide early access to customers who want to actively participate in the development process. Once the core concept of the feature has been developed, the feature will be available to all Canvas customers at a future date.

Our product teams build feature previews in real time, and updates incorporate user feedback as often as every two weeks. Details about feature updates and process are posted in the feature's user group. Look for the [Preview] identifier next to these features in the roadmap.

Roadmap Archive

Instructure product features are made available as part of release notes. For a complete list of all previously released features, please see the Canvas release notes and the additional product release notes.

These features are currently in development and are targeted to be released within the indicated month. Roadmap items are subject to change.
Last updated 2021-09-20.

Canvas LMS

Canvas for Elementary User Group [PREVIEW]

Canvas for Elementary User Group

Web Features

Simplify the resources page

Support conference links in the scheduling tab

Support navigation for multiple announcements.

Mobile Features

Display Homeroom Schedule, Grades, and Resources tabs

Discussions/Announcements Redesign [PREVIEW]

Discussions/Announcements Redesign User Group

Support user @mentions.


Allow instructors to search by assignment in addition to student name.

Microsoft Immersive Reader [PREVIEW]

Include the Immersive Reader in Pages, Syllabus, Course Home Page, and Assignments.


Make the Course Navigation Menu sticky.

New Quizzes [PREVIEW]

New Quizzes User Group

Provide a shortcut from the Modules page to the New Quiz builder.


Allow users to change individual course notifications from the Notifications page.

Outcomes [PREVIEW]

Provide improvements for outcomes management.


Allow admins to granularly manage Assignments and Quizzes permissions - add, edit, delete.

Allow admins to granularly manage Groups permissions - add, edit, delete.


Allow instructors to set the status of a submission in SpeedGrader.


Certify Rule Library Updates

Update nearly 50 Certify Rule Library rules that are based on TSDS PEIMS data so that they now run for customers using Skyward and eSchoolPLUS.


Subgroup Reporting

Allows districts to look at data by student population subgroups including race and ethnicity, gender, English language learners, students with an IEP (individualized education plan).

Fall 2021-22 CertifyPEIMS Updates

Updates to the CertifyPEIMS Rule Library that are needed for the 2021–22 TSDS PEIMS Submission 1 (Fall), Submission 2 (Mid-Year), Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) - KG, and Class Roster - Fall submissions and collections.

Java/Struts Remediation

Upgraded core software components as part of our normal security testing and review processes.

Content Management Process Improvements

Improve the user experience in scheduling and managing assessments.

Subgroup Filtering and Reporting

Allow districts to review assessment data by student population subgroups.


Email Rebranding

Update Canvas branding and improve performance for customer emails.

    Online PD Library Updates

    Update video content in the online PD library.

    Addition of State Level Desmos Calculators

    Provide access to state level desmos calculators.

    Item Bank Management

    Improve the item bank import process and simplify the management process.


    Consent Age Customization

    Allow institutions to set a custom age for content in making profiles and projects public.

    SIS Integrations

    Grade Sync History Improvements

    Provide additional views and statistics in the grade sync history.

    SIS Rostering Sync History

    Allow admins who can manage SIS Imports to view and manage Instructure-based rostering jobs and schedules.

    Assessment Scores Configuration

    Align assessment scores to performance levels and convert non-numeric assessment scores to numeric scores to enable configurable performance level alignment.


    Vimeo Support

    Support Vimeo videos in Studio.

    Custom Group Sharing

    Allow videos to be shared to custom groups and simplify the sharing workflow.


    Admin Roster View

    Admins can access Rostering Jobs and Schedules in SIS Integrations LTI view.

    Canvas Assignment Data

    Import assignment data from Canvas and provide teachers and administrators visibility of student participation in incomplete, complete, and past due assignments.

Instructure product roadmaps are updated quarterly, and features are confirmed a few weeks before the quarter begins.

Features for this quarter will be posted before October 2021.

For more details on Instructure's Quarterly Roadmap process, please see Quarterly Planning at Instructure blog post.