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Be in the know for Product!

Want to learn about a feature gets on the roadmap and the product process? In the links below, learn about the feature lifecycle, get product insights, participate in feature idea conversations, provide feedback about beta features, and view details of recent releases.


Canvas teams are continually updating the roadmap and noting features that are coming in subsequent quarters.


The roadmap indicates the targeted month a feature should be released and is updated monthly. Dates are always subject to change.

Discovery Conversations

Engage with the product team on projects and initiatives in the early stages of the software development process. Read their blog posts and engage in their requests for feedback! Engagement is one part of the Instructure feature development process.

Feature Options

Feature options allow institutions to enable newly developed functionality according to their preferred time frame. Unless otherwise indicated, all feature options are opt-in for the Canvas LMS and do not require any action by a Canvas admin until a feature’s enforcement date is announced. Look for the [Option] identifier next to these features in the roadmap.

Feature Previews

Some feature options are identified as feature previews, which provide early access to customers who want to actively participate in the development process. Once the core concept of the feature has been developed, the feature will be available to all Canvas customers at a future date.

Our product teams build feature previews in real time, and updates incorporate user feedback as often as every two weeks. Details about feature updates and process are posted in the feature's user group. Look for the [Preview] identifier next to these features in the roadmap.

Roadmap Archive

Instructure product features are made available as part of release notes. For a complete list of all previously released features, please see the Canvas release notes and the additional product release notes.

These features are currently in development and are targeted to be released within the quarter. Roadmap items are subject to change.
Last updated 2022-01-13.

Canvas LMS

Account Settings

Allow admins to manage user account authorization via access tokens.


Allow account settings in child accounts to be inherited from the parent account.

Discussions/Announcements Redesign [PREVIEW]

Discussions/Announcements Redesign User Group

Allow instructors to create fully anonymous discussions.

Provide a discussion setting to allow participants to choose to be anonymous.


Remove the Missing label once a grade is manually entered in the Gradebook.

Split the Gradebook Name columns into first name, last name.

Allow instructors to apply a score to ungraded submissions.

Gradebook Filters [PREVIEW]

User Group Coming Soon

Update current gradebook filter options and add enhanced filtering capabilities.


Allow users to find answers to questions about using Canvas via the Virtual Assistant.

New Quizzes [OPTION]

Quizzes Transition Group

Allow matching questions to include partial credit.

Support the Rich Content format in Fill-in-the-Blank questions.


Allow Outcome criterion rating levels and calculation methods to be set on an individual basis [FEATURE OPTION]


Group the LTI - add / edit / delete permission into three separate permissions.

Rich Content Editor

Allow users to create buttons and icons in the Rich Content Editor.


Notify graders about unposted SpeedGrader comments.

Canvas Mobile

Canvas for Elementary Important Dates

Display Important Dates to support Canvas for Elementary webviews.

Comment Library

Allow teachers to view a predefined list of feedback to select during grading in SpeedGrader.


Shopping Cart

Provide streamlined enrollment by allowing students to purchase and enroll in multiple listings with just one click.


Course Reports for Instructors LTI

Redesign Course Reports as an LTI tool to integrate into Canvas, Blackboard Learn Original, and Blackboard Learn Ultra.

Enable monitoring and reporting for all LTI tools

Allow institutions to monitor adoption for installed LTI tools within reports.

MasteryConnect Integration

Fully integrate Impact into MasteryConnect.

Studio Integration

Fully integrate Impact into Studio.


Allow instructional designers to create a multi-step walkthrough to guide instructors and students through a specific workflow process.


Tracker Migration

Existing trackers can be migrated to a new course.


Zoom Integration

Studio supports an integration with Zoom that automatically uploads recorded meetings into Studio.


Search and Sort Items

Users can sort or search for items listed on the Visuals, Watchlists, and Data Explorer pages.

Dashboard Personalization

User-defined dashboard filters are automatically saved

Instructure product roadmaps are updated quarterly, and features are confirmed a few weeks before the quarter begins.

Features for this quarter will be posted in April 2022.

For more details on Instructure's Quarterly Roadmap process, please see Quarterly Planning at Instructure blog post.