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Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!)

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Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!)


The option to use Classic Quizzes has been extended until June 30, 2024

We’ve spoken to so many of you about the move from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. We’ve heard excitement and we’ve heard concerns. The past two years have created more challenges and stress than anyone anticipated, so rather than making this time even more stressful by asking you to begin transitioning to New Quizzes now, we’re adjusting the timeline in hopes that you can begin planning for your transition as we complete the milestones that are most important to your institution. 

Project timelines, threshold for change, and feature must-haves vary by institution. We are providing more transparency into specific feature timing and giving you control over when transitions happen. The Classic Quizzes end of life has been extended to June 30th, 2024, both because we are hearing that the academic year “covid+1” has been the hardest yet and the additional time will allow you greater control over your user's experience. 


This change doesn’t impact our planned delivery of New Quizzes. Our commitment to you is to continue with our “foot on the gas” to keep improving New Quizzes. The extension is simply driven by customer feedback and the imminent needs of our educators and students. Development, planning, and resources alike continue to progress at the recently communicated pace to ensure timely delivery of committed improvements.


Now you’ll have increased:


We want to improve our communication to you about New Quizzes and it seems that those updates get buried or are difficult to find. To make this easier to follow, we’re adding a new group for Quizzes Transition which will be a central area for all Quizzes communications. This space will be a little different than the New Quizzes group as there is not a general forum. Instead it will be dedicated to what we are currently focusing on, related transition communications and resources. Dedicated threads will still create a place to provide feedback on specific topics. (For those of you who were in the Canvas for Elementary group, the behavior was similar there.) This will allow for closer participation and incorporation of your feedback as the team addresses specific needs. Please let us know your thoughts as we try a new approach for better communication!


Questions, comments and feedback for Instructure about the transition? Please review the updated documents and join us for engagement in our Quizzes Transition User Group. This forum is dedicated to receiving customer insights and feedback about the transition specifically. 


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