How do I add a to-do item in the List View Dashboard as a student?

You can create to-do items that display in the List View Dashboard agenda. When you create a to-do item, the new item displays your profile picture to differentiate it from other to-do list items. Any to-do item you create also displays in the Course Card Dashboard View sidebar and Global Activity Stream Dashboard sidebar.

You can also create to-do items from the calendar.

Add To-do Item

Add To-do Item

Click the Add To Do button.

Add To-do Details

Add To-do Details

In the To Do sidebar Title field [1], type a name for the to-do item.

The Date field defaults to the current date [2], and the Time field defaults to 11:59pm [3]. To change the date and/or time when you want to complete the item, modify the date or time appropriately.

Items default as general to-do items, but you can associate the item with a course by selecting a course from the Course drop-down menu [4].

In the Details field [5], any other details about your to-do item.

Save To-do

Save To-do

Click the Save button.

View To-do Item

View your to-do item.

Items that you associate with a course display on the to-do list with other course to-do items [1].

Items that are not associated with a specific course display at the bottom of the day's to-do list [2].

Manage To-do Item

To edit or delete a To-Do item, click the Edit icon [1].

To edit the item, edit the information in the To Do details sidebar [2]. To save your edits, click the Save button [3].

To delete the item, click the Delete button [4]. When the delete confirmation window displays, click the OK button.