How do I use the to-do list for all my courses in the List View Dashboard as a student?

The List View Dashboard displays all course To Do items in an agenda view to help you easily manage tasks across all of your courses. The To Do list contains graded as well as any non-graded To Do items your instructor designates for a course To Do list. You can also add and view your own To-Do items in the Dashboard. The List View Dashboard also displays calendar events and course announcements.


  • The List View Dashboard does not account for course favorites and displays all items based on date, course ID, due date, and due time.
  • To-do items can also be viewed in the Card View Dashboard and the Recent Activity Dashboard.

Open List View

To open Dashboard List View, click the Options icon [1] and select the List View option [2].

Note: Depending on your institution's settings, your dashboard may default to List View.

View List View

The List View Dashboard defaults to the current date [1].

To view previous and future dates, scroll up and down the page [2].

To quickly return to the current day's To Dos, click the Today button [3].

To quickly access prior items with new activity, click the New Activity button [4].  

View Item Details

When multiple courses include To Do items on a single date, courses are listed by Course Name and items are are listed by due time [1].

Graded items display the point value for the graded item [2].

To Do items include icons that represent the item type:

  • Peer Review [3]
  • Calendar Event [4]
  • Announcement [5]
  • Assignment [6]
  • Page [7]
  • Discussion [8]
  • Quiz [9]

Open Item

To access a To Do item, click the item name [1].

To view the home page for a course, click the name of the course [2].

Join Conference Event

If your instructor added a conferencing link to a calendar event, you can join the conference from the List View Dashboard.

Conferences which have passed or have not began display a grey Join button [1].

To join an active conference, click the green Join button [2].

View Item Status and Activity

List View includes labels and icons to quickly communicate an item's status and activity.

Items with new activity display an Unread indicator [1] and include an activity label. New activity can include one or all of the following labels:

  • Graded [2]: a submission is graded
  • Replies [3]: an announcement or discussion has new replies
  • Feedback [4]: a graded item has new instructor feedback via submission comments (does not display if feedback is only via DocViewer annotations)

Once a graded item is past the due date, the item displays a Missing indicator [5] and a Missing label [6].

Missing items submitted after the due date display a Late label [7].

If your instructor has reassigned an assignment to you, the item displays a Redo label [8]. You must resubmit your assignment.

Mark Item as Complete

Graded items are automatically marked as completed once they are submitted. Non-graded items must be manually marked as completed.

To manually mark an item as complete, click the checkbox for the item [1]. When you manually mark an item, the item's status will update when you refresh the page.

Completed To Do items remain in the To Do list for you to view at any time. To view information about completed To Do items, click the Show completed item link [2]. The completed items display a completed checkbox [3]. To view completed item information, click the item name [4]. The next time you refresh the page, the completed items will once again be hidden within the completed link.

View Alerts Menu

View Alerts Menu

To view a list of graded past-due items across all your courses, click the Alert Menu button [1]. The Alert menu helps you see what opportunities are available to you to improve your course grades.

To view new alert items, click the New link [2]. You can dismiss new alert items by clicking the Remove icon [3]. Dismissing a new alert item does not affect its status or mark it as completed.

To view dismissed alert items, click the Dismissed link [4].

View Grades

To view your current course grades, click the Gradebook icon [1]. The My Grades menu displays your current course grades [2]. Click the course name link to view the Grades page for your course [3].

Note: If one of your courses uses grading periods, the grade displayed is the grade for the current grading period.

View To Do Items

You can add your own To-Do items to the Dashboard. Items associated with a course display as part of the course items and arranged by due date [1]. General to-do items always display below all courses [2]. To-do items can be edited at any time by clicking the Edit icon [3].

To add a To-Do item, click the Add Item icon [4].

Note: You can also use the Calendar to add to-do items, which will also display in the List View Dashboard.

Change Dashboard

Change Dashboard

To change the Dashboard view at any time, click the Options menu.