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How to upload the media to Studio using API

Hi i am just trying to upload the media to canvas studio using API's but i don't know how and where to add the file in the upload url would you please help me with that 
API used 

1. /media/uploads

Generate a URL to which a new media can be uploaded
`Where here i can generate the url but i don't know where to add the file'
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Hi, Logesh,

I have moved your question to the Canvas Studio Users Group‌ where other Studio users may be able to assist you with your question!

Another location that may also be helpful to you is the Canvas Developers group, especially if you're using APIs for development work.


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Hi erinhallmark‌,

Thanks for the reply, but still i did not any suggestion for the above mention question, and its been a week, will you please help me with that. 

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