Canvas Inbox Refactor Update_ 11/22/2022 & 12/8/2022

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

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Good afternoon, I am pleased to announce that the Observers functionality is now available in the Inbox Refactor in Beta. The added functionality is similar to the behavior the custom script provided for Include Observers, that many of you were using. This functionality will also be available in the Inbox refactor as it moves to Production in the December 17th release. Please note: due to the discovery of some critical bugs, the release to Production has been pushed out to 1/21/2023.

While we have been able to make this accommodation this time, so as to not set unrealistic expectations for the future, it is important to note that there is risk associated with using custom coding and that risk is assumed by/the responsibility of the end user. Custom code may be negatively impacted by product updates we may make, at any time. Additionally and unfortunately, we may not always be able to offer a positive resolution in support of custom coding or have the ability to match functionality that might be available in a different Canvas application for varied reasons, as we have been able to do with this update.

As always, thank you for your interest in Canvas, in Inbox, your dedication to your students and for being a valued member of our Community. If at any time you would like to share your experience, provide feedback or discuss needed functionality, click this link to sign up for time to have a brief chat with me and a couple of team members.