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Canvas X: Nudge, March 2018

Community Team
Community Team
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Canvas X is where we seek your input on experiments from our secret pandaworks lab!


Nudge is a prototype service that helps students effectively manage their time and coursework. This service is the first step in a longer term smart messaging vision for Canvas. When enabled in a course, Nudge sends notifications to students about upcoming and late assignments. Students receive these notifications according to their notification preferences.


Because feedback and data are core to our development process, we are reaching out to the community for a beta test. The current version of Nudge is experimental and in early development; iteration is expected as the experiment progresses.


Any course that enables Nudge will provide us with insight into the effect of “nudging” different students in different ways. We also value feedback about the user experience and effectiveness of these reminders from your perspective as an instructor.


Your course may be a good fit for the beta experiment if it falls into one or more of these suggested criteria:

  • Blended or fully online courses
  • History of teaching the same course in prior semesters
  • Have a course beginning in the next few months
  • Make use of multiple assignments throughout a course
  • Multiple sections of the same course (nice to have, but not necessary)


The initial Nudge pilot is closed for participation. If findings look promising, there will be a fuller Nudge pilot in August of 2018. Please check back in August, we hope to have something awesome by then.


Have questions? Leave them below.  Please note that this experience is currently limited to United States domestic users.