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Discovery Conversations: Item Banks Dissemination and Collaboration

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Here in the community, I learned that while it is sometimes nice for Quizzes to use personal Item Banks, there are needs that are not met by that model. A common case I hear about is that really, all teachers working in a particular course often create quizzes or exams together.  It sounds like some of you also have scenarios where the Item Bank may be used across an entire institution, to enforce standards. In a large ecosystem, view only permissions become more important too. 


The Quizzes team has ideas how we might resolve those needs. If you use either question banks or item banks, we’d love to show early design ideas to get your impressions. For this round, meetings will be scheduled through the second week of April 2021. Each meeting would be approximately 45 minutes. 

Sign up here!  

We're all booked up for now! Thank you for the overwhelming response! I can't wait to learn from you all! 


For those of you too busy for a call, I’m hoping you can weigh in with your preference with regard to release timing. Is it better to provide Item Banks at the Account and Course level as soon as possible, or hold an additional couple of weeks to include Item Bank searching? 

Why am I asking? When the Item Banks are elevated to allow more users to have automatic access, suddenly each user will have more Item Banks. It seems this will quickly scale to unmanageable levels. Including searching, with perhaps some filtering capability, will help greatly. (Let me know if I’m off base here!) The team anticipates it will take a few more weeks to complete. I know change management for your users can be a tricky part of all our jobs. 

Tl;dr:  Will searching/filtering be critical? Is it better to wait and give you everything at once, or provide the Account and Course level Item Banks as soon as it is finished?