Quizzes Planned Priorities and Roadmap 2021

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

[As of July 2021, please post questions about New Quizzes in the New Quizzes user forum. For questions about the Classic Quizzes Timeline, please see Classic Quiz Sunset Timeline (Subscribe!)]

New Quizzes User Forum This year Quizzes will be taking a two pronged focus with our development. One focus will be on content migration. The second focus is continued enhancement of the New Quizzes experience. The two will occur concurrently to ensure that you are seeing continual improvement if you are currently using New Quizzes.  We just finished an improvement to the workflow experience of Adding New Quizzes from Modules. Next we’ll improve the Item Bank experience


Content Migration

We will be prioritizing the experience of your Instructors in the Data Migration. Two important aspects to note here are 1. training and change management and 2. all Classic Quiz content, question banks and quizzes, will be moved to the New Quizzes without requiring Instructor intervention. 


It is worth noting that while it doesn’t make anyone’s heart race faster or make eyes twinkle, we recognize that your data migration is critical. It will also take time. We know that an incomplete or buggy migration will cause instructors to lose confidence. So we are taking our time to get the experience just right for Instructors.


New Quizzes Enhancements

Thank you all for your comments when I asked for your individual priorities a couple of weeks back. The top five priorities for customers were:

  1. Item Banks expanded permission types/ Item Banks with sharing at course/account level
  2. Integration with the New RCE, 
  3. Public APIs (for reporting and third party tools) 
  4. Printing Quizzes and 
  5. more support for Partial Credit

The Quizzes team will address the Item Banks improvements next, which will make it easier to share item banks.  The below roadmap communicates the feature stops we plan to make as we evolve New Quizzes. These are meant to illustrate the high level plans. The plans are not locked, and we will continue to address high priority needs first, whatever those needs may be. If room in the plan emerges, having your feedback from earlier will allow us to adjust and continue to provide you with valuable improvements. The short term commitments can be found here: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Roadmap/ct-p/roadmap