YESSS Partial Points on Matching Questions!

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We know you’ve waited for a long time for Partial Points on Matching questions. It is so impactful to both educators and students. Frankly, we didn’t want another year to start without partial points on matching. You’ll be able to try this out as soon as December 22nd in Beta. The feature will be available in your live production environments with the January 15th release. We hope this makes your new year a little bit brighter. 

Upcoming Feature Description


Partial Points for Matching Questions

This change will allow students to garner points for the correct portions of an entire question matching set. 

  • The points are calculated as total possible points divided by the number of questions, then the correctly answered questions are summed. 
    score = total_points_possible X (number_of_questions_answered_correctly / total_number_of_questions)




Please note that Partial Credit will be the default for all newly added question types. Existing questions will need to be edited and then choose the partial credit option. Partial Credit will also work with re-grading. 

Partial Points for Matching - regradePartial Points for Matching - regrade