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Training Services Portal Version 2.0 Released on January 23, 2023

Training Services Portal Version 2.0 Released on January 23, 2023

Training Services Portal Version 2.0

As of January 23,2023, you are now able to learn about Canvas in Canvas!  The Training Services Portal (TSP) is the best place to access a variety of training content, and now it is easier than ever to access because all of the outstanding content from the TSP (Training Services Portal) is housed inside of a Canvas instance for professional learning. 

Update as of January 24, 2023, the portal authentication system and migration of subscription level and product access may be interrupted through the end of the week as we work with out custom dev team to ensure all of the data from the TSP1.0 is correct in TSP2.0, thank you for your patience.

Training Portal Access  

Keeping things simple is our goal and so the access to the new Training Services Portal is the same as it was for the original portal home. Just open the new TSP (Training Services Portal) link found in your Canvas Help Menu! 

Link to the TSP found in a Canvas Help MenuLink to the TSP found in a Canvas Help Menu

The image here shows the Help Menu open and an arrow pointed to the TSP link. Please note, your Canvas administrator may have the portal link listed lower in the Help Menu. Your Canvas administrator may have also chosen to disable it. If you do not see the Training Services Portal link in the help menu, check with your Canvas administrator first.

Once you enter the portal, you will be asked to authenticate. This links you to your Canvas account so that you will see the correct library of content based upon your institution’s Subscription Training package.

After authentication, you will see a library dashboard where you can search, filter and sign up for courses, pathways, and live webinars (again, depending on the subscription package). 

An Instructure Live session is scheduled for January 25, 2023, where the On Demand Training team, who creates the amazing content, will provide an orientation. If you are reading this blog after that date has passed, you can still access the recording for the session. Check out that information here.

The new Canvas Professional Learning instance will still have courses and pathways allowing you to view, enroll, and track Canvas training. Here is a sneak peek into what it will look like. If you do not see the Training Services Portal link in your help menu, please check with your Canvas Admin. 

Training Portal Transcripts

We know that many institutions have been using the Training Services Portal to track certification hours and program completion either through transcripts or badge completion. Don’t worry, that information will still be available through the new Canvas Training Services Portal instance. If you completed any course or pathway in the version 1.0 of the TSP, your completion records have been carried over to the 2.0 version of the TSP. You can generate and download a transcript of your completed course(s)/pathways at any time. 

Please note: If you were in progress on any course in the version 1.0 of the TSP, the your in-progress coursework will not migrate and you must complete the course again from the beginning in the new TSP. 

Downloading your transcript is quick:

  1. Choose the History & Transcripts tab at the top of the screen after you have entered the portal.
  2. In the History & Transcripts section, find the Generate Transcript button and select it. 
  3. Once the data has been pulled, the Generate Transcript button changes to Transcript. Select this button to download the report in a csv file which you can open in Numbers, Excel or Google Sheets

Location of Transcripts in v2.0Location of Transcripts in v2.0


Training Portal Content

The Training Portal contains three different libraries of content: 
  • Free Content
  • Essentials Subscription Training Content
  • Standard Subscription Training Content
  • Premium Subscription Training Content


Within the main subscription tiers, each contain four different learning options: 
  • Live Webinar Trainings
    • Currently available only for Premium Subscription tiers
  • Learning Pathways
    • Learning Pathways are curated On Demand Training content around a central theme or user need.  Once completed, you will earn a badge from Canvas Credentials for not only each course but a milestone badge for recognition of the path. Within Canvas Credentials you can share these on social media or print certificates
  • On Demand Training Courses


Curious to learn more about the offerings? Check out all of the details in this  Training Portal informational doc.

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