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New Quizzes Overview (Instructors)

New Quizzes Overview (Instructors)

In this video, you will learn how to create and manage assessments using New Quizzes in a Canvas course.

Last Updated 2023-06-02


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Video overviews reflect current feature functionality in Canvas; they are updated based on workflow changes, not on minor or non-functional interface enhancements. Depending on your institution's Canvas theme, the Canvas interface may display differently than shown in this video, but the functionality is the same.



New Quizzes Overview (Instructors) Video Script


In this video, you will learn how to create and manage assessments using New Quizzes in a Canvas course. New Quizzes assessments can be accessed from the Quizzes page.

To create a new assessment using New Quizzes, click the Add Quiz button. In the Choose a Quiz Engine modal, select the New Quizzes option, then click the Submit button. Enter the details for your assessment, including the title, points, due and availability dates, and other assessment options. Then click the Save button.

Once you’ve entered and saved your New Quizzes assessment details, you can add and manage quiz content in the Build page. The Build page displays the assessment title. Click to edit the title at any time.  You can also enter instructions for the assessment in the Instructions field. To align learning outcomes to the entire quiz, click the Outcomes icon. If you have quiz content saved in item banks, you can quickly add questions to your quiz by clicking the Item Banks icon. 

To create new quiz questions and content for your assessment, click the Add button and select the question or item type that you want to add. For each question type, you can add a question title, question stem, points, and feedback. For most question types, you can also specify answer choices. You can also align your question to an outcome or save it to an item bank to use in other assessments. Depending on the question type, you may be able to adjust question display options, such as selecting to shuffle answer choices in Multiple Answer questions. To add the new question to your assessment, click the Done button. After adding questions and content to your quiz, the Question Navigator allows you to quickly find and organize assessment items. You can also preview your quiz by clicking the Preview button.

To manage settings for your New Quizzes assessment, click the Settings tab. From the Settings menu, you can shuffle questions, shuffle answers, display one question at a time, require an access code, set a time limit, filter IP addresses, allow an on-screen calculator, allow multiple attempts, and restrict student result view.

Once students have completed the assessment, you can view data about student performance and moderate assessment attempts. To view assessment reports, click the Reports tab. The Quiz and Item Analysis report provides data about student performance for the overall assessment and for individual questions. The Outcomes Analysis report includes outcome mastery statistics for all students who took the assessment.

To moderate student assessment attempts, click the Moderate tab. The Moderation page displays student scores, the time to complete the assessment, and links to access quiz logs for all students who have attempted the assessment. To view a student’s responses in a specific assessment attempt, click the link for the attempt. The assessment results page includes the student’s overall grade, correct answers, incorrect answers, and answers that require grading. It is recommended that you use SpeedGrader to grade New Quizzes assessments. 

Additionally, the Moderate page allows you to set accommodations that apply across all assessments for the course. You can also manage accommodations for an individual assessment. To manage accommodations for a student across all assessments in the course, locate the student and click the edit icon in the Accommodations column. You can provide students with additional time, remove the time limit, or add a time limit multiplier. To provide accommodations that only apply to this assessment, click the Moderate button. From the Moderation settings, you can reopen a student’s most recent attempt, give additional attempts, add additional time, or remove the time limit.

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