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  • How RTO's build out their assessment tools, specifically projects.
  • In relation to the rubric and marking guides for trainers, is it possible to house marking guides within Canvas and if so, where would be the best spot?
  • How other institutions have used Canvas for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), including the self-enrolment feature?



  • Damian - MRWED
  • Adrienne & Grace - ERA
  • Daniel - Competenz
  • Zo - Aspire2 Intl
  • Anneka - NCNZ
  • Megan - TABMA
  • Natacha and Aleisha - Tocal
  • Candace - WYAM
  • Fiona - VETNexus
  • Sarah - Status


Meeting Minutes: Topic 1. How RTO's build out their assessment tools, specifically projects.

  1. Do they use just what Canvas has to offer i.e. Assignment builder, classic/New quizzes? Or do they use additional integrations such as H5P, O365, google docs, etc?
  2. What do you find works the best for student engagement?


Megan/TABMA - Moving from paper to online assessment. Utilise PDFs for workplace documents. Assessments and New Quizzes mostly throughout their courses.


Daniel/Competenz - Fairly divided across their business, heavily dependent on their sectors. Some still use paper based, lots of classic quizzes slowly moving to New Quizzes and some use of Assignments. Some more progressive are utilising SCORM based paper based and new quiz assignments.


Candace - Knowledge base questions, using New Quizzes (mostly essay based and matching) and went this way as they have the notes built in which is helpful. Still finalising their processes on this side, especially around resubmitting and marking etc.


Damian/MRWED - Still utilising Classic Quizzes, and only have students resubmit those who need to. Provide feedback comment to only resubmit questions X and Y, to make it clear what they need to re-do.


Sarah/Status - PDF fillable forms for uploading forms, but run into issues with this around Adobe licensing etc, so trying to move away where possible from this method but need in some cases. Classic quizzes for knowledge base assessment, but they also see issues of students resubmitting everything, not just incorrect. Error msg to submit with only 2 out of 15 submitted in resubmission, so can be confusing for end users. Multiple choice questions with some autograded causes confusion and students then try to resubmit. Suggestion from Daniel around only allowing 1 attempt to promote discussions with trainer and student instead of automatically allowing additional attempts. Candace using New quizzes are looking at MANUAL grade post policy and hiding grades for any quizzes which have manually marked content and only releasing correct grades once everyone's been marked.


Anneka/NCNZ - For recorded and uploaded video submission tasks, finding some difficulties with storage limits etc. Damian at MRWED are using unique link for Dropbox. Aleisha at Tocal provide tutorial to students for reducing their file size using HandBrake by compressing the file and maintaining the same format - HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder - free open source software. 


Also with video storage or BBB conference recording, and the expiry limit (14 days) and how to download/store these and provide them to students. Aleisha at Tocal and Daniel at Competenz both suggested using Zoom to record their sessions and they then have control over recordings. Even with limited license, can share this access among trainers and have this integrated with Canvas, being used heavily in tutor groups, and has been really well received. Everyone has a basic account and then their are 10 pro licenses which are shared. Zo used Zoom integration heavily during lockdown period in NZ - used Zoom autoprovision (in the Zoom App store/area) feature to share licenses across faculty.


Topic 2. In relation to the rubric and marking guides for trainers, is it possible to house marking guides within Canvas and if so, where would be the best spot?


Daniel/Competenz - Unpublished File for trainers to use but students cannot see. Candance at WYAM do this too!

Fiona/VETNexus - Separate course with all trainer specific content / not appropriate for students.

Damian/MRWED - Use Dropbox with all relevant content in their, but agree inside Canvas would be faster!

Megan/TABMA - Use OneDrive for paper resources and trainer guides. Still transitioning to Canvas so open to suggestions for doing this better.

Grace/ERA - Really wanting to keep everything in Canvas, and currently use OneNote and yes trainers can have things in different tabs/areas, but wanting to have a central approach so new course may work!


Topic 3. How other institutions have used Canvas for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), including the self-enrolment/self-registration feature?

Damian/MRWED - used to offer this for demo course, and found this a help tool to use for this, but wasn't really in a MOOC setting.

Aleisha/Tocal - under for NSW Govt so get funding for particular projects, i.e. irrigation 101 initiative funded by sustaining the basin which was a free MOOC and lots of interest received for this. Then built out new MOOC offerings, but recent challenges are around bots creating their own accounts/hacking the self registration pathway.

Candace/WYAM - URL for self registration is sent from completion of a registration form from the website which would be worth considering. Google Form / CRM tools such as HubSpot also would provide this in a automated way.


Topic 4. What's something cool or clever you are doing in your instance?

Sarah/Status - creating new customised permissions/roles in Canvas has allowed them to expand their admin team for basic functions / day to day management has helped with this and was an easy change! Megan looking to do this also, allowing them to lock out the assignment editing ability for their trainers - meaning they need to go to a 'Course Designer' to have these things modified.

Damian/MRWED - using the observer role, renamed to 'Client', to give immediate insight to employers/custom client inside Canvas progress, reporting etc.

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Community Participant

Just reading through these notes now (wish I was there as these topics were great!).

In relation to the comment about the uploading of video assessment, there's an integration called Benchmark which makes uploading videos really easy.


I've had a demo from Natalie Wieland who created this and it looks fantastic. I don't know pricing and I haven't used it personally, but might be worth looking into if you use a lot of video assessment.

See you all on Thursday this week.