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Blog Post created by Janie Ruddy Employee on Oct 22, 2019

Canvas is a clean and intuitive LMS system which can be quickly mastered.  Many can learn Canvas on their own and enjoy doing so through exploring the system.  Most of us are busy professionals and are more interested in receiving a solid training foundation that will get us using Canvas right away, like in the term is starting next week situation! As Manager of the Training Team, I hear the question each and every day, Can you record the webinar trainings for us?  The Awesome Training team knew there was a better solution to deliver what clients were really asking for, On Demand training resources.  So we rolled up our sleeves and collaborated with many other teams at Instructure to develop Training Services Portal for ALL Canvas clients with easy access to webinar sessions for Subscription Training clients through a SSO portal to be located in the Help Menu after the update release on November 16, 2019.  These resources have been developed using another wonderful Instructure resource called Bridge.  You can learn more about this tool here, What is Bridge?


Training Portal Access

Beginning November 16, 2019, the Training Services Portal will be available in all Canvas Help Menus for North America. If you are a Canvas Root admin and wish to remove the link you may still do so, please refer to this guide How do I customize the Canvas Help Menu for an account? .  All North America clients will have access to at least some training content in this portal.  Be on the lookout for a CanvasLIVE event featuring a tour of the Training Portal.


Training Portal Content

The Training Portal contains four different learning options: Live Trainings known as webinars, Learning Pathways, Training Courses and Training Videos.  All are organized in the Learning Library where you are taken upon first entering the portal.


Image of the training portal learning library page where content is separated into learning unit types and can be filtered using tags.




Live Trainings:

Subscription clients can access the #webinar calendar and register for the sessions in the Training Portal.  Clients without Subscription Training status will see a blank Training Calendar. Be sure to view the Canvas Training space in the community to view the list of titles and see the session agendas.


The Training Calendar where teh times and session titles for webinars can be seen and where users can register for sessions if they have subscription training access.


Learning Pathways:

Learning Pathways are curated On Demand Training courses around a central theme.  There is an Instructor and an Admin facing Learning Pathway specifically for K12 clients and one with a more HED focus FREE for all clients!  More Learning Pathways will be added for Subscription Client accounts in the future. These Learning Pathways provide a complete foundation for a Canvas Admin and Instructor.  Certificates are issues based upon successful completion of the entire Learning Pathway. Here is the preview of a Learning Pathway agenda:


Syllabus list for a learning pathway



For those who do not wish to commit to an entire Learning Pathway, the all of the courses used to create the Learning Pathways are available to complete individually.  Badges are awarded for successful course completion. Here is a sample of the course info page and badge awarded:


Course Description slide before entering a course.



Training videos are written and recorded by the Training Team who are former educators, support specialists, Canvas Admins, and Instructional Designers.  All videos are less than 15 minutes in length, contain closed captions and housed in Studio so the playback speed can be customized by the viewer. In addition, the video guides will also be added to the portal.  Many training videos are free for all Canvas clients! Here is a sample video narrated by Trainer Mike Cowen enjoy.



Admin Dash

We also worked with our CustomDev team to develop a reporting window for you, an Admin Dashboard. Here, those who request access from their CSM are able to view the participation and completion of training content for your users. The data can be downloaded as a CSV as well. 


Sneak Peak of the Admin Dash Completion Report from a demo account here in Training Services


Admin dash completion report


Just like spaghetti sauce, there is no one best recipe for training.  We like options and so do you. From Onsite Trainings, Remote Custom Trainings, Q&A sessions, Commons resources like Be The Hero Updates, Growing with Canvas Updates and Passport to Canvas - Student Canvas Orientation Course, and now the Training Services Portal help to make sure that learning Canvas and its suite of products is never an obstacle in your Canvas journey.