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  • Welcome New Members

    Welcome to the Community!

    Learn more about the different spaces in the Community and how to start collaborating!

  • InstructureCon Ebrace the Journey

    InstructureCon 2022 is on!

    Learning is a Lifelong Journey. Make InstructureCon Part of Yours.

  • 10 Years with Canvas

    Reflecting on 10 Years with Canvas

    With 10 years of partnership + innovation, read Kona's 10 favorite Canvas features!

  • Documentation Feedback

    Feedback Welcome

    Help the Documentation Team improve the Guides!

  • Canvas Credentials

    Canvas Credentials

    Instructure Acquires Concentric Sky, Makers of Badgr

  • Instructure in Bloom

    Branding Updates

    Learn about the branding of our products and what it means for Instructure's growth!

  • View InstructureCon21 Sessions

    InstructureCon21 Sessions Now Online

    Watch (or re-watch) all the amazing keynotes and breakout sessions from InstructureCon 2021

  • Clarity for Canvas Observers

    Clarity for Canvas Observers

    An all-inclusive-resource for Canvas Observers.

  • Instructure Store

    Instructure Store

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