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  • Working Together To Understand Your Needs During Omicron

    Working Together To Understand Your Needs During Omicron

    Read the latest blog post from our Melissa Loble, our Chief Customer Experience Officer.

  • Instructure Live with the Community Team

    Instructure Live Series

    Learn how to make the most of your time in the Community, navigate different Community spaces, and collaborate with the Community Team!

  • Clarity for Canvas Observers

    Clarity for Canvas Observers

    An all-inclusive-resource for Canvas Observers.

  • View InstructureCon21 Sessions

    InstructureCon21 Sessions Now Online

    Watch (or re-watch) all the amazing keynotes and breakout sessions from InstructureCon 2021

  • Instructure and EesySoft

    Instructure + EesySoft

    EesySoft joins the Instructure family! Click here to read the announcement

  • Welcome, Partners!

    NEW! Partner Directory

    The new Partner Directory is a one-stop-shop to learn about and engage with Canvas partners.

  • It's Due!

    It's Due!

    A self-paced course about the Canvas Student mobile experience

  • Instructure Store

    Instructure Store

    Visit the Instructure Store!