BoG 9/15/2015: Integrations

Blog Post created by on Sep 15, 2015

Hope everyone is in full swing with the new school year! The activities within the groups over the last week seemed to have a common theme of integration. Read on to learn more!


Integration + Grading Tools

When it comes to grading, SpeedGrader's use of Crocodoc's annotation tool is essential - especially for grading essays. However, Jeff F wants to know other ways teachers are grading papers. He created this new poll How do you grade essay papers? in the Higher Education group. Share your answers and offer some feedback. Are there other ways (and tools) you leverage for feedback?


Integration + 3rd Party Apps

Nothing gets an admin more excited than talking about successful integrations. With so many different platforms, software, and 3rd party apps, building a Canvas integration is often seen as the best of both worlds! Within the last week, there have been several posts in the Canvas Admins group regarding 3rd-party integrations with Canvas. If you have any insights, please chime in:


Integration + Courses

There are integrations that occur at the course level, as well. One prime example is cross-listing of courses, integrating multiple sections into one course shell. Gene Sherer asks about ways to combine several courses into a single course shell. Within his specific scenario, there are several outcomes that need to be achieved. Can you help to find some possible solutions?


Have a great week and keep integrating Canvas into your daily lives!