BoG 9/28/2015: In an ideal world...

Blog Post created by on Sep 28, 2015

... you would be in the Canvas Community every day, right?! But we realize time is limited. So, below is your ideal summary of the ideal things people are ideally discussing in various community groups.


The Ideal Start to a Semester

Although most schools are already in session, we still thought you might find this Semester Start Checklist incredibly resourced. It was posted in the Canvas Admins last week and compiled by Lisa Childs from our awesome Canvas Doc Team. Bookmark this doc. Share it. Print it. Use it! (Oh, and if we've missed anything - tell us!)


The Ideal Assignment and Quiz

If you could tweak a feature in Canvas to make it fit your needs perfectly, what would you change? More importantly, how would you change it? Jeffrey J Weimer has some ideas. Check out My Ideal World for Assignments and Tests from the Higher Education group. He states:

The Assignments section is task-directed, and the Tests (not Quizzes) section is evaluation-directed. This gives us (and the students) a clearer distinction of what belongs where the administration of a course.

His discussion has already generated over 85 views, 5 people engaged, and 17 comments (as of this posting). Add your thoughts --- or, of course, there's always the The specified item was not found. if you want to pitch an idea to the product teams, directly.


The Ideal New UI Dashboard

In last week's CanvasLIVE session on STUDY HALL: Same U, New UI, the question of custom menu items came up several times. Since the new UI does not include 'Grades' icon in its' revised dashboard, many wondered if there were ways to add it back. In the ARCHIVED: User Group: New UI, this code was shared to show how this could be accomplished. Check out: Adding custom menu items.


And there you have it!

Enjoy another ideal week!