BoG 06/13/2016: Ideas for rubrics, un-registered users, and RCE work-arounds

Blog Post created by Administrator on Jun 14, 2016

Despite the 'slower' time of year for Canvas users, there doesn't seem to be a lack of conversations out there in our community groups. When users request feedback and the community produces some powerful, actionable thread of comments, I'm often amazed at the level of insights and creativity we see from our Canvas users. I'm not only referring to question posts, but rather those "Does anyone have ideas for..."-type, open-ended discussion posts. Some of those prompts can truly inspire the out-of-the-box thinking!


Here are a few excellent discussions which could use community TLC:


Rubrics Resolutions


Two discussions came up in the last week regarding rubrics. One from Sarah Houts in the Canvas Admins group regarding Pass / Fail Rubric Scenario - Ideas Wanted. Sarah wants some advice on ways rubrics can be designed so teachers can successfully complete criteria on a checklist. And similarly, Michael Bohl Jenner posted in the Higher Education group on Distributing Rubrics to subtasks, which also asks for ways to leverage rubrics to mark an assignment's sub-task complete. Share your thoughts. Aaand... go!


Mathematics Magic


What do you do when you want to grade math and science course work in Canvas, but cannot use mathematical notations or superscripts when commenting on these assignments? Martha Zumack, the Canvas Coordinator for a distance-learning K12 college in Oxford, UK, asks this exact question! Working around the lack of Rich Content Editor in Speedgrader , posted in the Teaching Math in Canvas group, desperately needs your insights. Do you have a magic solution (or something close)?


Un-Deniable Brilliance for Un-Registered Students


Last month, Don Bryn wrote an awesome blog post in the Free-For-Teachers group about leveraging FFT account for testing incoming students via Canvas. "In the past, all [music theory program] students had to take a paper test when they auditioned for the school, but the audition day was long and tedious...," he wrote. Since taking over the testing process, Don created a convenient way to 'audition' students (who are not yet part of the Canvas system) online in Canvas. Read the full blog post here: Free-For-Teachers for un-registered students . And if you have creative ways you leverage Free-for-teachers, just blog about it! (Remember, you can earn 25 points and a cool badge for doing so!)


Have another great week, everyone!