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What is Gauge?

Gauge is an online assessment management system designed to deliver large scale assessments (think benchmark assessments, pre- and post-tests, learning interventions, common department exams, and more) to targeted groups of students across your district.


How do I access Gauge?

If you are a Canvas admin, please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about access and pricing.


Once your institution has enabled Gauge, Gauge can be accessed from the Canvas Global Navigation Menu.


Find more detailed information about Gauge in the Gauge Guide - Table of Contents


How do I add users to Gauge?

Users can currently only be added to Gauge by a Canvas implementation consultant.


What is the metadata that appears in the Deployments page and/or User Details?

The power of Gauge is the open data model. Gauge has the ability to consume any course and user metadata needed for assessment deployment and reporting. Using our SIS platform, Gauge consumes metadata from your student information system. It’s your data using your taxonomy. The amount of metadata in Gauge is only limited by your needs.


What is the connection between Gauge and the Quizzes LTI?

Canvas’s new course-based testing tools (Quizzes LTI) and Gauge are separate products powered by the same underlying assessment engine. This builds consistency in testing from the classroom to those higher-stakes assessments developed by your institution. We are working to alleviate assessment anxiety for all students—including those who need accessible technologies like screen readers and other technologies.


Quizzes LTI is built for course-based assessment with grading and reporting for the classroom.


Gauge is an assessment management system designed to deliver assessments at scale to targeted cohorts of students for the purposes of benchmark and other scalable assessment processes. Gauge deploys a test to an entire grade level (e.g., all third grade students across your 115 elementary schools' campuses) or to other targeted groups of students (all students enrolled in Honors English III). Gauge also has the powerful reporting to measure student and institutional growth over time.

How is Gauge functionality different from existing quizzes in Canvas?

Gauge is built leveraging Quizzes LTI, a brand new assessment engine. Leveraging modern technologies, Quizzes LTI features include a series of feature enhancements and new item types, and bring workflow improvements to what is commonly encountered in Quizzes Classic.


To see how the Gauge functionality compares to existing quizzes, please see our Assessment Tool Comparison Chart.

How long do I have access?

Once the tool is configured in your instance of Canvas, it’s yours to keep… like hotel shampoo and stationery, but infinitely more awesome.