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The following tables below show the current functionality available in New Quizzes compared to the functionality in Canvas Quizzes.


Canvas Workflows

Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes
Course Copy
Common Cartridge Import
Import of Canvas course export (content and files)
Duplicate Quiz Assignment
Third-party Integrations (Proctor/Security)
Third-Party Item Types (Integration Framework)%
Blueprint Courses%
Ability to configure in *
Loss of Connectivity Support%
Role permissions support
  • Designer role support
  • Observer role support
  • TA role support
Ability to enable at sub-account/course levels via flagN/A
Quiz content migration from CanvasN/A
Question Bank content migration from CanvasN/A

% - Partial solution 



Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes

Import QTI Content

Export Quiz Content

Create Practice Quiz

Create Survey
Preview quiz (student view)
API access to quizzes
LockDown browser support
Customize Question Feedback
Leave/Resume Quiz
Use Canvas Content Selector
Manage Question Banks/Item Banks
  • Bookmark Banks
  • Copy/Move Banked Questions
  • Delete Banks
  • Import Banks
  • Randomize Bank Questions
  • Share an item banks
  • Tag banked items with metadata
  • Search content within an item bank
Regrade Questions

Reorder Questions

Rich Content Editor
  • Record audio and video
  • Content Selector Sidebar
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Apps and LTI tools
  • HTML Editor
  • Insert media iframe
  • Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting buttons

% - Practice quizzes can be created in New Quizzes by creating an assignment worth 0 points. 


Item/Question Types

Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes
Fill in the Blank
Fill in Multiple Blanks*
File Upload
Multiple Answer#
Multiple Choice
Multiple Dropdown*
Text (No Question)%
Hot Spot

* - Functionality for this question type is found by using the Fill in the Blank question type.

# - Canvas Quizzes awards partial credit to students who have answered parts of Multiple Answer questions correctly. In New Quizzes, partial credit is not awarded in Multiple Answer questions. 



Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes
Allow Multiple Attempts (All Students)
Require Waiting Period Between Attempts
Display One Question at Time
Require Access Code
Set Time Limit
Shuffle Questions Globally
Shuffle Answers Globally
Hide Student Responses%
Filter IP Addresses%
Assign to Individual Student*
Assign to Section*
Set Availability Dates*
Allow Multiple Attempts (Individual Student)
Shuffle Answers per Question

* - Setting is customized by editing the assignment in Canvas.



Grading & Moderation

Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the whole course)
Add Extra Time (Individual Student, for the assessment)
Add Extra Attempt (Individual Student, for the assessment)
View Moderation Page
Manually Submit Attempts
View Quiz Log
View Student Results
Automatic grading of questions
Add Fudge Points
Grade One Question at a Time (SpeedGrader)



Classic QuizzesNew Quizzes*
Item Analysis
Summary Statistics
Quintile Performance
Student Analysis CSV

* - New Quizzes reports may take up to 24 hours to generate.

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