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Welcome to the Release Notes forum! Whether you're a veteran to the Canvas Community or just joined us for the first time, take a minute to learn about Release Notes and how they can help you have the best experience possible with Canvas.


What are Release Notes?

Canvas and its related products function in an agile environment, meaning new features and updates are released into various environments as often as every week. But don’t worry—we have you covered. The purpose of this space is to keep you all informed with the latest and greatest functionality for all Canvas-related products.


What Types of Release Notes Do You Publish?

We publish release notes for every Instructure product in the Canvas Community: Arc, Canvas, Catalog, Commons, Canvas Data, and all our mobile products too. You may think that's a lot of release notes, and you're right. But we care about each one of our products and don't want to leave out any information.


How Often Do You Publish Release Notes?

If you're interested in all products, release notes will be published quite a bit. But if you just want to know about one or two, it may not seem as frequent. Here's how often you can plan to see updates in the Release Notes space:


  • Arc: Every week
  • Canvas: Every three weeks—View the schedule for Canvas beta, production, and test environments
    • Beta notes: New features and updates available in the beta environment
    • Production notes: New features and updates from beta coming to the production environment + all fixed bugs
  • Catalog: Ongoing
  • Commons: Ongoing
  • Canvas Data: Ongoing
  • Canvas Mobile: Ongoing [only posted for new/updated features—e.g. version 5.0, 5.1; only posted in the app for bug (patch) releasese.g. version 5.1.1]


How Can I Get Release Notes Updates?

The Canvas Community makes it easy to get updates for one, several, or all Canvas products. You can follow all content in the Release Notes space, or you can set up custom activity streams to follow specific content updates by tags. 

  • To follow product-specific release notes, use one or more of the following tags: arc release, canvas release, catalog release, commons release, data release, mobile release (includes all mobile products)
  • To follow all written release notes, use tag: release notes
  • To follow screencasts (currently only published with Canvas production release notes), use tag: screencast


If you're interested in searching for release notes manually, you can search for and filter content by name, tag, or category.


How do I Leave a Comment about the Release?

Since we're all about customer feedback, we welcome your comments and suggestions on every set of notes we post. Just make sure you are logged in to the community!


We keep track of comments according to release, so a release notes post is open for comments until another post is made for the same product, at which time we'll close comments in the prior release notes. Closing comments isn't because we don't love you—Instructure moves pretty fast, so we want to make sure all your comments remain timely and matched with a release to help our product managers keep track of your suggestions for changes to product features. So it's just our way of helping us help you. Hugs.