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Document created by Johanna Hardner on Oct 30, 2017
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The following is an extension on James Jones' "Adjust All Assignment Dates on One Page" Google Sheets application. The application itself can be found here: Canvas Update Tool - v6 - Google Sheets 


The application itself works the same way, setup, saving, and loading functionality are all the same. However, there is the now the option in the Canvas menu to 'Select Course' that gives you a drop-down list of courses.


Other feature additions:

- Load/save files

- Change if a file is published, unpublished, or restricted access (and restricted access can also be set by available from/to dates)

- Change assignment's grading type (percent, points, pass/fail, letter grade, gpa scale)

- Change an assignment's point value (value is in points no matter grading type)

- Change an assignment's submission type(s)


Cosmetic alterations:

- highlights true values and 'published'

- greys out values that shouldn't be edited for that row

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