What is the partner integration idea process in the Canvas Community?

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If users search the partner portal and didn't find what they were looking for, they can share an integration idea.

What is the partner integration idea process?

  • Users share an integration idea and Instructure reaches out to the tool provider to inform them of the interest from the Community. Technical documentation and guidance needed to build an integration are provided.
  • Ultimately, the tool provider must decide to build the integration and make it available to Canvas users.
  • Regular communication with the tool provider allows everyone to know updates to the status of the idea, so be sure to follow the Partner Integration ideas page, along with specific ideas to track.

How do I share an integration idea?

First, search existing integration ideas. If there is not a similar idea, share a new integration idea.

To create a new integration idea, visit the Partner Integration ideas page, click the Share a New Integration Idea button, and complete the following:

  • Add a Title: Put the name of the organization and the tool [1]
  • Provide Details: "As a [role], I would like an integration with [tool], so that I can..." [2]
    • What role (teacher, student, admin) would use this integration?
    • How would the integration be used?
    • Why is the integration important?
    • What contacts are available for the tool provider?
  • Add Tags: Help others can easily find and support the integration idea [3]
  • Categorize: Select the Partner Integration category [4]

To complete the submission, click the Create Idea button [5].

What are the process stages?

Open for Vote

Integration ideas that are open for community voting. If there is an idea for a tool to integrate with Canvas, give it the thumbs up. The more votes the more likely a company will be to invest in the development of an integration.

In Development

Development work has started and an integration with Canvas is underway.


The integration is complete. Find more information and installation details in the Edu App Center.

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