Canvas Studio: Canvas Data (Hosted data service)

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Schools need data to get insight on topics such as Accreditation, Improving Course Design, Assessing Student Engagements and Enabling Student Intervention. Typically, key personnel at the institution who have the responsibility to find answers need access to their school’s data in Canvas but also want to integrate data with systems like the SIS.

Canvas Data enables:

  • Analytics and Reporting Capabilities based on Institutions’ Canvas data and usage
  • Use of any ODBC compliant analytics tool (Tableau, Excel, R, others) to generate custom Data Visualization and reports
  • Reports tailored to the account, program, course, instructor or individual student level


User goals

As an institution, I need answers to the following questions:

  • Which departments/courses/teachers are fully adopting the LMS tool?
  • What makes a successful department/course/teacher?
  • Which courses are being retaken?
  • How can we improve student retention?

As an instructor, I need answers to the following questions:

  • Which learning objects are actually used by students?
  • How much time do successful students spend on the course?
  • When should I intervene with a student?
  • What courses fit a student’s learning style?

As a student, I need answers to the following questions:

  • How do I do better in this course?
  • How are other students, like me, doing in the course (current and historical)?
  • How can I plan to be more effective?


Canvas Data is currently in beta with approximately 25 customers.  Production is scheduled for Fall 2015.