Canvas Studio: Excuse an assignment (Phase 1)

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Instructors, particularly K12 instructors, sometimes need to omit an individual assignment from a given student or students' calculated total score. Instructors would like to be able to customize the value they enter in a gradebook cell to excuse an assignment (e.g. "EX" or "NA" or something similar).


We will build this feature in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Instructors can “excuse an assignment” for a given student by entering a standard (uniform, Canvas-wide) value (e.g. "EX") in the corresponding gradebook cell.
  • Phase 2: Instructors will be able to choose a "status" to assign the excused assignment. The goal is that instructors have the opportunity to excuse an assignment or give the assignment a score AND give the assignment a status like: "late", "missing", "absent", etc.


User goals

As an Instructor:

  • I can enter a standard value (example: “EX”) to indicate that a given assignment should not be included in the calculation for a given student's the final grade.
We plan to deliver Phase 1 before Fall semester '15 begins.
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