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(I originally posted this as a comment to Broken Link: More Data Included in the Message but figured it was worth having here for others)


I thought it might be helpful to share my strategies for locating the page and offending link when I am troubleshooting a broken link issue.


In this example let's assume I am troubleshooting a reported broken link case from Service Cloud.


1) The first thing I do is find the user who submitted the case and the time stamp of the case.

Case Detail

Note: These times are in Canvas' time zone (MDT). You will have to adjust for your timezone.


2) The next thing I do is bring up the page views for the case creator and find the page view(s) just before the time stamp on the case.

This gives me one or two pages that are likely to contain the offending link.


3) Then I navigate to these pages and use a Chrome extension called "Check My Links"

"Check My Links" Chrome extension on the Chrome Store


After running this tool at that page I can quickly see any broken links highlighted in red.



At this point you have all the information you need to correct the issue whether that means fixing it yourself or reporting it clearly to someone else.

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