Commons Release Notes (2015-11-23)

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Commons Updatable Resources

Updatable resources were introduced in the 2015-06-06 Release Notes. However, it should be emphasized that updating a resource will replace the previous version of the resource. This also applies to updating a course via Commons, which can replace constituent resources within the dependent course, resetting or replacing important settings, course design, and even resources like assignments.

In this Commons release (November 23), when importing resources, Canvas course dates, user roles, and permissions determine import course list visibility. Users can also select a thumbnail image from Flickr Creative Commons. Updates have been made to resource update notifications, required metadata fields, content licensing text, and minimum thumbnail image size. Public API is also available.


For Canvas users, to have Commons enabled in your Canvas account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


New Features


Import Resources

Course Dates and User Roles

Canvas users enrolled in a course as a Teacher, TA, Designer, or a custom role based on one of the previously listed roles will see their course in the Import into Course list, provided that the course they are enrolled in is current. Users can create course start and end dates that are within the term or that extend past term dates. If a course is set to override term dates and the Users can only participate in the course between these dates checkbox is selected, the course will appear in the Import into Course list if the course end date has not passed.


If a course uses term dates, the course will appear in the Import into Course list if the term start date is not in the future and the end date is not in the past.


Additionally, to guarantee the ability to import resources from Commons to Canvas, a user’s role must have ALL the following permissions enabled:


  • Change course state
  • Create and edit assessing rubrics
  • Manage (add / edit / delete) assignments and quizzes
  • Manage (add / edit / delete) course files
  • Manage (create / edit / delete) course sections
  • Manage (create / edit / delete) groups
  • Manage all other course content
  • Manage learning outcomes
  • Manage wiki (add / edit / delete pages)
  • Moderate discussions (delete / edit other's posts, lock topics)
  • Post to discussions


Thumbnail Images

Flickr Creative Commons

When adding or updating a thumbnail image for a resource, users can now search for and select an image from Flickr Creative Commons.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.54.36 PM.png



Updated Features


Resource Updates

Conversations Notifications

When a shared resource is updated, users who have imported the resource can receive a notification in Conversations. Currently, Commons identifies the user who imported the resource as the sender, so the notification appears in the Sent folder. Additionally, users will need to enable the Conversations Created by Me notification for Commons update notifications to be sent. 


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.13.03 PM.png


Share Resources

Required Metadata Fields Annotation

On the Share page, the required metadata fields are indicated by an asterisk (*). This update only adds a visual identification of required fields.




Share with Only Me

As a sharing user, if you share with only you, you will only be required to fill out the title, description, and image for the resource. When the Share with: Only me option is selected, the required fields will be indicated by an asterisk (*).


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.40.14 PM.png



Content Licensing

In the Content Licensing section of the Share page, “Add Use Specifications” has been changed to “Add Additional Information”, and the “I reserve all rights” note has been removed from the Copyrighted option in the Copyright and Licenses drop-down menu to allow users to add copyright by others that have given permission to share the resource.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 1.50.38 PM.png


Thumbnail Images

Minimum Custom Image Size

The minimum size of uploaded thumbnail images must be at least 147 pixels high and 262 pixels wide.

Public API

API documentation is now available. For more information, visit the API Documentation page.