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The following badging platforms have partnerships and integrate with Canvas LMS:

Have you experimented with any of these? If so, what were your experiences? What did you set out to accomplish and what were the outcomes? Please provide your feedback by elaborating in this document so other teachers and educators can learn from your ideas!

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Accredible Logo


Click here to read more about Canvas Partner - Accredible.




Click to read more about Canvas Premier Partner - Credly.


Jared WardCredly is a trusted issuer of open badges. They have a robust solution for creating and awarding badges via their website. There it is easy to build, manage and award badges. Their integration with Canvas is getting better all the time. Right now, you can share available badges via a link embedded in the course navigation. Students can claim badges with a code and share them to social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In the future, you will be able to build and award badges from the Canvas UI.
Christy BarhamI love Credly and have been using to award badges in our district for 2 years now. However, I am having a hard time figuring out how to add this app to Canvas. I have integrated other apps without a problem, but the documentation/ directions provided for Credly have not been helpful for me. I'd love someone to walk me through the process (or create and share a how-to video/ document).




Click to read more about Canvas Premier Partner - Badgr.


Jared WardBadgr is a newer product from successful website and app developer Concentric Sky. You can build and manage badges from their website. I've found the integration with Canvas to be as powerful (maybe even more powerful) than the website. Badgr's badge designer is a pretty simple with shapes and icons only, but you can upload any image and go from there. The strength of Badgr lies in its integration with Canvas. Progress tracker, badge builder, leaderboard, and assigning badges to modules is SO easy. I've only taught with and awarded Badgr badges once, but it's quickly become my program of choice.
Catherine Cassaro

Is there a cost to integrate Badgr with Canvas? If so, what is it?

Is this a good way for students and teachers to display their badges to their learning community? (We haven't found a good way to do this in Canvas. We allow Badges to be posted to our profile, but how do other see them?)

Lane Worrall

I second Cathy Cassaro's question -- is there a way for Badgr badges to be shared in the user profile in Canvas?

Also, is it possible to install the integration at the account level so that it pushes out to all the courses in an account rather than each teacher having to create the integration in their courses?

Sharmaine Regisford

Badgr is awesome! No really.... so easy to use, free, and the customer service is excellent (very responsive). The badges are issued automatically when the module requirements are met so there's little administration for the instructor beyond their normal grading and scoring.The Leaderboard is automatically set up with alias names giving the student the option to make their name public. Most of all, Badgr supports open badges and has a backpack app for Android so the recipients can collect their badges from their course.

Canvas Network is adding Badgr at the account level as mentioned on their blog.

Kim Hammond (Badgr Customer Success Mgr)

Integrating Badgr with Canvas is a free service. Badgr Pro offers additional features including badge analytics at low prices. As Cathy Cassaro pointed out, you can configure Badgr to display badges from all courses on a profile. If students want to display badges to others, I'd recommend they create an account at where all Canvas badges will be automatically included. From there, you can share collections of badges to social media as well as individual badges. Lane Worrall it is possible to install Badgr at the account level where is would be available in all courses, as a default or optionally added. Issuers and badges can be shared across the institution or between teachers if desired.






The original badging system of Canvas created by one of our co-founders, Brian Whitmer. Click to learn more about CanvaBadges.


Jared WardWhat to say about Canvabadges? This is the program that started it all for me with badges and Canvas. So easy to use that anyone could set up a badge program and award badges. Simple to use, but powerful enough to be able to award badges for module completion, outcome mastery, grades, scores, or a combination of any of those things. I used it for years with no issues (with the exception that claiming badges in Safari and Explorer was buggy.) But with new partners Badgr and Credly, I'm moving on. It's still a valuable product and a great way to get started with badges.
Todd SilviusWe use CanvaBadges in our district for our staff training.  Our teachers have found the same to be true with the Safari and Explorer badge viewing; however, the teachers and students in our district primarily use Chrome for their web browsing making this a small issue and one that is easy to resolve in our community. I enjoy the ease of the badge designer along with the ability to upload designs I design in Photoshop for creating a badge theme for our learning community.
Michelle LattkeWe use CanvaBadges in our district for professional learning and sporadically for students as well.  The benefit of Canvabadges is that it is easy to setup, relatively easy to use, and is totally free.  At the time we started badging (about two year ago), I installed and tried all the available LTI options at the time (there are more now), and Canvabadges was the only one that was both easy to use and had a nice set of features (badges show on profile, variety of options for awarding badges, easy to use badge builder, integrates with Mozilla Backpack, etc.).  We have used it quite heavily this year to award leveled professional learning badges related to understanding accessibility and to using Adobe Connect for synchronous online lessons.  Each strand of learning had a learning scale and by demonstrating mastery of each level of the scale users could earn a badge.  With other tools offering more robust features now, I'm anxious to try some of the other options.
Sarah indicates this app is no longer actively maintained.



The following programs have open badges and LTI integrations with Canvas:




"BadgeSafe™ for Canvas" is a badge issuing application developed with Canvas APIs.  Badges are maintained within the Canvas U/I.  Users may export their badges to a TrueCred™ Folio or Mozilla Backpack.


Jared WardBadgeSafe has a solid solution and integration with Canvas. If you are in K-12 and want to require parent approval before badges can be shared to outside sites like Mozilla Backpack or LinkedIn, this might be a good solution for you.




Open Badge Factory


Jared Ward


If you have any additional questions, please post them below or reach out to Jared Ward.

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