Partner Webinar: Feedback Box: A Suggestion Box On Canvas

Created by Partnership Team Employee on Jun 14, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017 at REGISTER: https://zoom.us/j/270573676

Starts at 12:30 PM · Ends at 1:00 PM, MDT (America/Denver)



View the webinar recording here: FeedbackBoxDemo on Vimeo


Professors and university administrations seek to build inclusive learning environments. Students appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback with enough runway to see change.


We’ve bridged these needs with the simplest solution imaginable (and the simplest name). Feedback Box is exactly what it sounds like: a free-standing text box that lives on Canvas via LTI integration, where students can share anonymous feedback any time during the semester. Professors receive an email notification on days they’ve received new feedback. Then they can log into Canvas to see comments. We’ve built this simple system to ensure true anonymity, so students can feel comfortable expressing their needs and professors can be sure the comments they receive are honest.


“We partnered to build Feedback Box with Nick and his team with the aim of making something easy to locate and effortless to use for the higher education community.” – Christine Costantino, Instructional Technologist at Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning


Join us for a quick and easy demonstration of this elegant solution.



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REGISTER: https://zoom.us/j/270573676