CMUG Meet-Up | #InstCon 2019

Created by Kristin Lundstrum Champion on Jun 22, 2019

Thursday, July 11, 2019 at Community Lounge

Starts at 1:00 PM · Ends at 2:00 PM, MDT (America/Denver)




InstructureCon 2019 is going to be amazing!


With all of the sessions, small groups, and networking, InstCon is exciting yet busy. How about one more thing for your schedule? You won't find this one listed within the official InstructureCon site or app: CMUG Meet-Up


During lunch, let's get together. It's always nice to put names to faces (rather than avatars) and have some casual face-to-face discussions about new features, ideas to consider, and overall group engagement.


If you'd like to add the meet-up to your Google Calendar, here's the general event information. Once Ryan & Kristin figure out a perfect meeting place, the Canvas Community event will be updated. They'll Tweet it, too! (@rseilham + @kblundstrum


Join in for as long as you can! It will be great to see everyone! We'll be sure to wrap up with plenty of time before Jared Stein and Hilary Scharton's Keynote.


Guess what? ...there may even be a limited edition Super Panda sticker for those who can make it.

Community Lounge