Jon Fenton

React Update and Release Notes Schedule

Blog Post created by Jon Fenton Administrator on Mar 22, 2019

Hey everyone! 


As we've mentioned, Catalog is following the Canvas deploy schedule. That means we're deploying new code every 3 weeks to both Beta and Production. Unlike Canvas, we do these deploys on the same day, which is the Monday following the Canvas Production deploys. Our plan is to publish release notes a few days after those deploys, highlighting the changes that are brand new on Beta, as well as reminding people what is now available on Production (which had been on Beta for the proceeding 3 weeks). We're a bit behind with this set of release notes but we hope to get the cadence down going forward.


As I mentioned in my last post. we're doing a few page rewrites in Catalog. We've wrapped up our work on the reports page, and you should be able to see those changes in Beta. Those will go to Production with our next deploy. The next rewrite will be of the Listing Create/Edit page. This page is a bit more complex than the reports page, but we're excited to get it moved over to React. I'll be sure to post again here in the community when that work is moving to Beta. Just like with the reports page, this will only impact custom code that was written for that page.


We hope you like the new reports page! To recap, here are a few of the highlights - date range filters, Catalog level exporting, and sortable headers. Be sure to also check out the new Completions tab in the analytics. As always, let us know what you think in the comments!