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Mobile Quest: It's a Mobile World

Blog Post created by Kristin Lundstrum Champion on Mar 13, 2017



Last week, Biray explained that there are many new and awesome ways to earn Community Points during Quest for Community Domination! Along with the Mission Badges and manually-awarded Badges, there are some great learning opportunities available to everyone through Quests.


Right now, there are five quests based on the Canvas FastTrack Series. There is also one that Ryan and I put together that focuses on, well, you guessed it, MOBILE.


If you haven't found the Quests yet, click your avatar to get to your profile page. Then, click on your progress bar (hopefully, it's slightly green to represent your activity). There, scroll down until you see Completed Quests and Available Quests.  For some of you, the playlist will be a review, and for others, we hope that the playlist will be a great overview of all things mobile.


Mobile Quest Description


Since you're a member of CMUG already, you already completed one of the quest's items! (Hooray!)


The It's a Mobile World playlist includes:

It’s a Mobile World, Join Us!

Mobile Series: Tips to Designing Mobile-Friendly Assignments

Mobile Series: Just-in-Time Design Checklist (2015)


Keep watching your Available Quests, and don't be surprised if you see more mobile quests appear in the future.


Ryan and I can't wait to read your blog posts and to see your takeaways. The potential in these conversations is amazing.


Mobile on!!